BIG FM welcomes the festive season with a slate of multiple-platform campaigns

BIG FM celebrates Navratri in a grand manner with nine days of non-stop celebrations, music, games and much more!

The festival of Navratri which is dedicated to Goddess Durga is considered an auspicious time and is celebrated with much fervour across the country. Making listeners a part of the celebrations, BIG FM, one of the leading radio networks in the country, rings in the festivities in a grand manner, uniting the spirit of the different regions across India. People across the country come together to worship the nine forms of Maa Durga during the pious time of Navratri, celebrating the same, BIG FM joins in to commemorate the spirit of the season with a slate of multiple-platform campaigns. Keeping the regional and cultural flavour in mind, they have curated different properties to cater to different regions of India leveraging their expansive network of 58 stations. 

In line with the current norms of social distancing, the campaigns have been curated in a manner that listeners can participate in the celebrations through the comforts of their homes. ‘Musical Navratri’, designed for the North region, will see the biggest on-air musical festival with artists performing every day for an hour. Along with musical celebration, the BIG FM RJs will also throw light on various trivia around Navratri celebration, food, and devotion. There will also be separate segments to cater to the devotional aspect of the ‘Navratri’ with bytes from the pandits of popular temples along with day-specific capsules. The campaign ‘Navla Norta’ in Gujarat, which means ‘Lets celebrate Navratri again’ will conduct one of the biggest on-air and digital musical festivals of Garba. Bringing the energy of Navratri at home, the radio network will host eight top artists as they perform live on multiple platforms. 

Big Green Durga, curated for the people of Patna and Varanasi promotes eco-conscious and covid appropriate behaviour, ensuring a clean city and making people aware about the importance of sanitising, maintaining distance, wearing mask and vaccination amidst the festive fervour. Big Family Roopena Sangsthita, for Kolkata and other Eastern regions has much in store for the Durga Puja. This includes the ‘Biggest Family Reality Show’ ever done on radio, as listeners can register in #Family-Roopena Sangsthita Bonanza by answering a simple question. There will be a series of rounds, where families will get a chance to tell stories and play exciting games. 

Talking about 9-day long celebrations, Sunil Kumaran, Country Head – Product, Marketing & THWINK BIG, BIG FM, says, “At BIG FM, we always believe in making our listeners a part of all our festivities. It has been a difficult time for people, and with the onset of festivals, we want to make the occasion joyous for our listeners. Since Navratri is celebrated all across the country, we have kept the flavour of each region while curating the campaigns. We want to join in the celebratory mode and give our listeners something that beautifully merges tradition and newness. Through these bouquet of campaigns, our endeavour is to create a space that brings people together, engages them and promotes uninterrupted, pure joy.”

The celebrations don’t end here. The radio network will also celebrate the flavour of Navratri through ‘Nau Din Nau Swad’, where it will be connecting listeners through food as they put a spotlight on the traditional and fasting dishes for nine days across its 58 stations. The BIG RJs will be distributing food coupons throughout the day to the listeners, engage in conversations with celebrities on their favourite Navratri food and much more. So don’t forget to tune-in to BIG FM and be a part of the celebrations while engaging in fun activities, taking the festive cheer to a new height!

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