and Celtronic Festival to host ‘Delhi – Derry: Electronic Connections’


A collaboration that has been in-the-making for months, and one that was brought to fruition after New Delhi online radio station and Northern Ireland’s Celtronic Festival were both recipients of grants from the British Council, the live-streamed showcase will feature 18 live and DJ performances from New Delhi and just as many from the riverside city of Derry.  

An entire smorgasbord of cogent, relevant and future-facing electronic music is on the cards for audiences. From the addictive post-punk stylings of Autumns to the deep bass-forward electronics of Stain; from the dramatic, no-holds-barred techno of Drum Attic to the cinematic sound collages of The Fully Automatic Model; the mesmerisingly-diverse dance music selections of Derry’s Andrew Devine to the jacked-up electro of Zequenx; there’s something over the course of the two-day program to satiate even the most picky of electronic music aficionados.

Delhi – Derry: Electronic Connections will take place on March 5th and 6th, 2021 from 9pm IST / 3:30pm GMT and will be live-streamed via YouTube, Mixcloud, plus and Celtronic Festival’s own Facebook channels.  

The entirety of the program is presented below: 

From New Delhi, India: 





Drum Attic  



Mutable Mercury 



From Derry, Northern Ireland: 



Aaron Thomas 



The Fully Automatic Model 

Vincent O’Callaghan 


Andrew Devine 

Darren Allen 

Jordan Villa 

Queen & Disco 

Stephen McCauley 

Delhi – Derry : Electronic Connections is funded by the British Council scheme ‘India-Northern Ireland: Connections Through Culture’. The grant scheme supports artistic collaboration and exchange between creative professionals and arts organisations in Northern Ireland and India. 

Mohammed Abood, founder of, has called this collaboration reviving the energy of local electronic music scenes and giving the artists and viewers something to celebrate during these difficult times.  

A spokesperson for Celtronic said, “This is a very exciting project for everyone at Celtronic. We had researched various festivals and electronic music promoters across India and felt that were the best potential partner for this project. The scale of the organisations are similar and both Celtronic and have similar ethos’ aims and objectives and a hunger to develop local talent via innovative events and initiatives. We see opportunities to share skills and learning around education and developing more projects in the future between and Celtronic.’ 


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