Mirchi Kannada Celebrates Independent Artists of Bengaluru #Sakkath Independent Magga


Mirchi, India’s no.1 city-centric music and entertainment company, is celebrating the spirit of India’s 77th Independence Day in Bangalore, through a week-long initiative called Sakkath Independent Maga. Mirchi has brought music to the centre of these celebrations by collaborating with independent artists from the Kannada industry, providing them with a platform to connect and engage with listeners across the city. Popular Kannada artists including Rapper Gubbi, MC Bijju and Aura, Chandan Shetty, All Ok, Vasu Dixit, and Sangeetha Rajeev don the hat of RJs to take over the airwaves for a week filled with music, passion, and nostalgic warmth.

Each day the listeners have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the captivating beats and rhythms of Kannada’s independent music scene. The artists eloquently present their unique interpretations of freedom, weaving them into raps and rhymes on-air and across Mirchi’s digital platforms. Extending this initiative to social media, Mirchi has curated multiple artist-led content pieces, to keep its audience entertained.

Commenting on this initiative, Pushpendra Singh, Business Director, Karnataka, ENIL, Mirchi said, “Over the past two decades Mirchi has remained steadfast in its commitment to provide a platform and creating opportunities for artists across the nation. This Independence Day Mirchi orchestrates a symphony that beautifully merges music, culture, and freedom, commemorating the remarkable diversity and talent inherent in the Kannada independent music scene. Through the power of radio, we aim to spotlight and amplify the voices that have shaped India’s music landscape. These artists have elevated the Independence Day celebrations through their raps and heart-warming stories.”

Tune in to Mirchi 98.3 to commemorate a harmonious nation and its myriad of voices during this Independence Week.

Stay tuned to @mirchi_kannada for more updates.

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