Ms. Neerja Birla dons the RJ hat to create awareness about New-Age Parenting and Mental Health

Neerja Birla, Chairperson of Mpower

As a fallout of the impact of the COVID-19 crisis, mental health has been thrust into the limelight, and along with it, has kick-started important conversations on the need for awareness about the same. Furthering her mission to break the stigma around mental health, Ms. Neerja Birla, Founder and Chairperson, Mpower, a pioneer in mental healthcareis coming up with a brand new radio show ‘The OK Not OK Show’ in collaboration  with 94.3 Radio One, India’s only International radio network. The show will go on-air from 20th June onwards, every Sunday between 12 noon to 1 pm and will focus on various aspects of new-age parenting and child & adolescent mental health.

As a mother of three young children herself, Ms. Birla brings to the table rich insights on what it takes to be a parent, amidst the pandemic and especially in this dynamic & digital age. Through her maiden radio stint, Ms. Birla plans to discuss issues pertaining to parenting, and how mental health lies at the intersection of our identities, our homes, workplaces, and much more that isn’t immediately apparent to any of us. Through the show, Ms. Neerja Birla will cover a range of topics that are relevant for parents today. Some of the topics that she will speak on will cover understanding children’s personalities, hacks for the modern Indian parent, keeping the next generation grounded and rooted, effective parenting while working from home, and combating substance abuse in adolescents.

On a mission to promote mental health and break the stigma, Ms. Birla has always taken a hands-on approach by effectively collaborating with Print, Online and Television media. Now she will also use the power of Radio to share some of her personal experiences, and learnings, in order to spread the word that parents are not alone in their struggles and that there are always solutions to every challenge. She is also hopeful that by opening up about her journey as a mother, she will encourage parents to speak up and seek help if need be.

Speaking about the show, Ms. Neerja Birla, Founder and Chairperson, Mpower said, “Parenthood is a wonderful feeling and emotion, however, it cannot be experienced alone. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and that is the village I want to be a part of. Through ‘The OK Not OK Show’, I hope to make a difference in societal outlook and help other parents to be able to raise responsible citizens of tomorrow. I think there is no one-size-fits-all approach to parenting and I do not claim to have all the answers to your questions. But through sharing my experiences, I hope to encourage parents to have open conversations with their children about their overall well-being.”

Commenting on the collaboration, Ramesh Menon, CEO – Radio and Entertainment, HT Media Ltd and Next Mediaworks Ltd.said “I am super excited about this show. Nothing is more important than conversations around the mental health of our children today. The pandemic has not only taken a toll on us but our young ones are going through this tough phase and dealing with it in their own way. The distress from the dramatic changes around us is for real and affecting the kids and as parents we need have cognizance of that. Through this show the Radio One Community wants to give a shout out to all the parents to learn the strategies and techniques that will help stabilize young minds and to promote a healthier emotional processing of the changes and constraints around. I wish the team and Ms. Birla success with the show. Look forward to having some great conversations!”

To catch Ms. Birla open up about parenthood, tune in to 94.3 Radio One every Sunday between 12 noon to 1 pm starting 20th June 2021.



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