PayNearby Launches Infotainment Radio Platform for Small Retailers



PayNearby has launched PayNearby Radio, a platform curated exclusively for its retailers, providing them with valuable life-skill content to help them grow in their personal and professional lives.


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PayNearby Radio: Empowering Small Retailers to Grow and Thrive

PayNearby, India’s leading branchless banking and digital network, has recently launched PayNearby Radio, a platform that aims to empower and support its million+ active retailers across Bharat. This innovative initiative aligns with PayNearby’s vision to modernize the retail sector and create a thriving ecosystem for its partners, ensuring that they stay in sync with the times.

The introduction of PayNearby Radio is a game-changer for retailers, offering them a wide range of valuable content to help them succeed and excel in life. Designed as a platform that marries entertainment with essential life-skill recommendations, PayNearby Radio goes beyond traditional approaches to retailer engagement. This new platform provides useful tips on shop modernization, income augmentation, health and lifestyle care, and relevant news updates tailored to the needs and aspirations of retailers.

By providing snackable and easily accessible content, PayNearby Radio ensures that retailers can easily incorporate these learning and growth opportunities into their busy lives. With over 150,000 total events registered within days of its launch, it’s clear that PayNearby Radio is already making a significant impact, capturing the attention and engagement of the retail community.

One of the highlights of PayNearby Radio is its familiar interface, reminiscent of popular social media platforms. This design choice promotes collaboration, as retailers can easily like and share content, creating a sense of community and amplifying its reach. PayNearby has successfully transformed radio into a two-way conduit for retailer communication, fostering meaningful engagement between the platform and its users.

Anand Kumar Bajaj, the Founder, MD & CEO of PayNearby, emphasizes the company’s commitment to the well-being and growth of their retailers. PayNearby Radio is a testament to this dedication, providing content tailor-made for retailers that add substantial value to both their livelihoods and lifestyles. PayNearby aims to go beyond the provision of financial services and be an active contributor to the personal and economic development of its retail partners.

Jayatri Dasgupta, the CMO of PayNearby, highlights the challenges faced by marketers in today’s highly fragmented media landscape. PayNearby Radio stands out in addressing these hurdles by delivering tailored content to engage and hold the attention of the retail community. With simplicity and clarity as its guiding principles, PayNearby Radio offers a plethora of information and entertainment that can be easily consumed, even by busy retailers who may not have time for traditional media formats.

PayNearby Radio opens up exciting possibilities for retailers to showcase their talent and become a go-to engagement channel for them and their families. With a positive and progressive approach, PayNearby aims to constantly innovate and collaborate with relevant stakeholders to bring forth a medley of content that caters to the needs of the retail community. This medium is expected to play a crucial role in disseminating critical information, such as subsidy announcements, fostering a deeper sense of credibility and grassroots connection through voice-based communication.

In conclusion, PayNearby Radio represents a groundbreaking step in empowering small retailers across India. By providing valuable content and fostering meaningful engagement, PayNearby is paving the way for their success and growth. This innovative platform demonstrates PayNearby’s commitment to the well-being and development of its retail partners and heralds a new era of collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and progress in the retail sector.


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PayNearby Launches its Infotainment Radio Platform for Small Retailers

PayNearby, India’s largest branchless banking and digital network, has launched PayNearby Radio, a platform curated exclusively for its million+ active retailers in Bharat, to provide them with snackable content that helps them grow unabated in life. It is aligned with the company’s vision to mass-modernize the retail sector across the country and create a thriving ecosystem for its retail partners, bringing them at par with the current times. (Launch video:

PayNearby Radio enhances retailer engagement, providing tips on shop modernization and income augmentation, health and lifestyle care, and news updates that are relevant for this cohort. The platform marries entertainment with valuable life-skill recommendations that will help retailers further their life-goals. Available on the PayNearby app, the platform has already registered ~150,000+ total events within days of its launch.

Currently available in Hindi, the content will be made available in other regional languages as well. PayNearby Radio has a familiar interface, similar to popular social media platforms and enables retailers to like and share content, fostering collaboration and amplifying reach. PayNearby aims to evolve radio into a valuable two-way conduit for retailer communication.

Speaking on the launch, Anand Kumar Bajaj, Founder, MD & CEO, PayNearby said, “Our retailers are the heart of our business, and their growth and well-being are central to how we operate. At PayNearby, our motto is to create a conducive environment that helps our retail partners grow unabated in life. PayNearby Radio is an initiative dedicated to empowering their personal and economic well-being. Content that are tailormade for our retailers will ensure that we are able to add substantial value to their livelihood and lifestyles. Overtime, we are working to evolve this platform into a medium that allows our retailers and their families to showcase their talent and create the go-to engagement channel for them.”

Commenting further, Jayatri Dasgupta, CMO, PayNearby said, “In today’s world of high decibel noise and hugely fragmented media-space, getting the mindshare of a targeted cohort becomes really challenging. More challenging is to hold their interest and create stickiness, without being intrusive and lack-lustre. Marketers today are vulnerable to the pitfalls of a high-churn media environment, that doesn’t make appropriate allowances for the specific requirement of a target cohort.

PayNearby Radio will help us beat some of these challenges. By ensuring tailored content for our retail community, the idea is to establish a meaningful two-way communication that holds their attention and engages them better. For retailers who lead a very busy life, and may not have the time and bandwidth for text, banner or video content, a world of information and entertainment will open up just by plugging in the ubiquitous ear-phones. The content is designed to be very simple, upfront and sharp so that we can relay the message easily to a wider audience in a non-intrusive engaged format. We will constantly innovate and partner with relevant stakeholders to bring in a medley of content that is relevant for this community. We believe this medium will play a crucial role in disseminating critical information like subsidy announcements, allowing for a deeper sense of credibility and grassroots connection through voice-based communication. Zidd Aage Badhne Ki!”

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