Radio City Harnesses The Power Of Radio To Spread Positivity

Radio City Harnesses The Power Of Radio To Spread Positivity During The Lockdown

The country has been witnessing a surge in Covid-19 cases and to curb that situation, the whole nation has been following the lockdown imposed by the government. The current unprecedented times has left people worried and hence in need of hope and support. In light of this, Radio City has initiated multiple campaigns across 39 cities to provide hope, entertainment, and support.

Radio City and mid-day joined hands to present the perfect concoction to elevate Mumbaikars’ mood. RJ Palak, during her show Naughty Palak ka Show, connected with famous skincare expert Dr. Jayshree Sharad to share DIY tips; provided tasty and healthy food recipes from famous Chef Ajay Chopra, and brought mental health experts to counsel people and  help them get through this tough time. Additionally, stand-up comedians Atul Khatri and Nishant Tanwar have been adding a dose of laughter and fun to the listeners’ routine, while Vishal Punjabi, Founder of The Wedding Filmer, updated couples about new trends on wedding videos and online weddings.

To promote community culture, Radio City has been hosting a month-long podcast series called ‘Lockdown Rishte Podcast Series’, where Radio City RJs across Hindi speaking markets are broadcasting stories on how we can rediscover and strengthen our relationship with our loved ones. The RJ’s are also requesting citizens to share their stories as well. This podcast also features on

Speaking about the campaigns, Mr. Kartik Kalla, Chief Creative Officer, Radio City, said, “As we all do our bit by staying at home to ensure safety for all, the challenging situations can take a toll on our mindset. Radio City has always led purpose driven campaigns and has found innovative ways to connect with its audience to keep them entertained. These various campaigns across the 39 cities, aim to leverage the power of radio to bring positivity in the society and appreciate our listeners for always supporting us in our initiatives. I would like to reiterate the fact that we all will overcome this situation together. I urge all our listeners to stay home and stay safe!”

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