Radio City launches ‘Radio City podcast’ across its 39 stations

Radio City launches podcast

An eponymous podcast initiative ‘Radio City podcast’ has been launched by Radio City to entertain listeners across its 39 stations. With an array of interesting and provocative content that the brand is popular for, the initiative is designed to bring newer forms of entertainment to Radio City listeners across the country. Radio City is playing the podcast on-air every hour.

Across 39 markets, the podcast is being aired for 5-7 minutes from 11 am to 5 pm on Radio City and a repeat of all podcasts will be played on Sunday from 1 pm to 3 pm. 3 episodes will be launched per week everywhere except south, where some of the podcasts being played will have new episodes every week, encapsulating varied genres from food and culture to crime, thriller, relationships, and drama. Radio City’s social media handles are promoting details about the podcasts urging digizens to tune in to their favourite podcast on air.

Kartik Kalla, Chief Creative Officer, Radio City said “With India having the 3rd largest listenership for podcasts globally, digital audio is clearly making a comeback, and we at Radio City are committed to investing in newer storytelling formats to keep our audiences engaged and entertained. Our focus for 2021 is to broaden our reach by amplifying our on-air and digital offerings and this is one step towards our goal. With our super talented RJs hosting this interesting line-up, I am certain that Radio City podcasts will provide our growing listener base more reasons to tune into Radio City and I’m excited to hear what our listeners have to say about this new initiative.”

Here is a detailed list of everything brewing in the Radio City kitchen:

  • Mythological stories by RJ Shakthi: This podcast will be around interesting stories our ancient religious books
  • Tere Mere Beech Mein: Every relationship has two people involved and those two people have different perspectives on things/life. This podcast hosted by RJs Abhishek and Kanupriya will explore both sides of a particular relationship in every episode.
  • Mystery Podcasts: For all the listeners who are interested in mystery and Supernatural stories, this podcast hosted by RJ John is perfect for you.
  • 4 MB Zindagi: Hosted by RJ Sanjal, this podcast will be based on true stories of life events in a monologue format. The content will have a connection to our daily lives along with a strong message to society
  • Known Cinema, Unknown Facts: Hosted by RJ Chiyaan, this podcast will have BTS of various movies, song recordings, etc for listeners to know more about their favourite artist/movie.
  • City ka Foodcast: If food is all you can think about? This podcast hosted by RJ Damini will be perfect for you. It will take you on a delicious journey where you will find some tasty trivia and juicy facts about your favourite food.
  • Zero to Hero: This podcast will have RJ Vicky talking about interesting and inspiring stories of personalities from across the world who have struggled to succeed.
  • Kahani Pauranik Bharat Ki: This podcast will have RJ Akhil narrate some of the lesser-known stories from Ramayana, Mahabharata and other ancient scriptures.

Furthermore, Radio City will be adding other podcasts across various genres throughout the year. So stay tuned!

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