RJ Raunac in conversation with Nirbhaya case convicts Akshay’s lawyer

RJ Raunac

93.5 RED FM, one of the largest and most awarded private radio networks’ popular RJ Raunac is known for raising voice against social evils and its impact on people. Recently, Nirbhaya Case convict Akshay filed a review petition in Supreme Court and had requested to reduce his punishment. His appeal comes with a supporting statement that he should not be hanged as his life span is anyway going to be short due to Delhi’s severe air pollution. To question this baseless reason, RJ Raunac went on air to have a conversation with his lawyer Mr. AP Singh.

While RJ Raunac tries to understand the logic behind Nirbhaya case ‘s Akshay’s statement, the lawyer tries to defend the criminals as they lack education.

Watch the video link.

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