This World No Tobacco Day, Pocket FM coughs up the most powerful audio story with ‘The Coughing Episode’


This World No Tobacco Day, audio series platform Pocket FM took a creative approach to raise awareness about the adverse effects of smoking with ‘The Coughing Episode’. The thought-provoking campaign on its social media pages was driven by a unique audio twist to encourage Pocket FM’s community to consider a tobacco-free lifestyle.

Pocket FM’s social media channels such as Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube buzzed with a special 71-second episode. In this special episode, a narrator experienced a persistent cough – a common consequence of smoking. However, the episode soon turned into a powerful message about the harmful effects of smoking, encouraging listeners to lead a tobacco-free life.

Complementing the online efforts, Pocket FM aired a multi-city public service announcement across radio stations like Fever FM and Radio One. The public service announcement used humour to connect the dots between smoking and a raspy voice, urging listeners to take the pledge to quit smoking, reminding everyone that a healthy lifestyle is the real soundtrack of a great life. You can find the radio byte here.

Vineet SinghHead – Branding & CommunicationsPocket FM said, “Audio is one of the most powerful tools, whether entertainment or education. At Pocket FM, we are using this power to shed light on the serious health hazards of tobacco. By creatively integrating a surprise element in our content,  we want to engage our listeners while inspiring them to make healthier choices. This World No Tobacco Day, let’s all take a moment to pledge to stay tobacco-free and support a healthier future.”

As part of this initiative, Pocket FM is encouraging everyone to join the conversation and spread the word via Pocket FM’s World No Tobacco Day content with using the hashtags #WorldNoTobaccoDay and #PocketFM.

Listen to ‘The Coughing Episode’ here:


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