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ABP Network-CVoter Survey on the 4 Years of Yogi government

Madhushree Chakrabarty March 19, 2021

With an aim to capture the common man’s outlook on the Yogi Adityanath-led-Uttar Pradesh government, ABP Network-CVoter revealed the findings of a comprehensive ‘UP ka Mood’ Survey. Conducted alongside research partner CVoter (Centre for Voting Opinion & Trends in Election Research), the ABP Network-CVoter ‘UP ka Mood’ Survey has provided a clearer picture of the citizens’ standpoint on various pertinent issues & concerns associated with the current government, as it completes 4 years in power.

As per the data, if UP elections were to be held in 2021, BJP+ would lead with 41.0% votes (284-294 seats) followed by SP with 24.4% votes (54-64 seats).

Uttar Pradesh Party Alliance: Votes (%)
Alliance Votes : 2017 Results 2021 Projection Swing
INC 6.2 5.9 -0.3
BJP+ 41.4 41 -0.4
BSP 22.2 20.8 -1.4
SP 22 24.4 2.4
Others 8.2 7.9 -0.3
Total 100 100 0


Uttar Pradesh Projected Range Of Seats
Alliance Seats: From To
INC 1 7
BJP+ 284 294
BSP 33 43
SP 54 64
Others 10 16
Total 403

As per the survey, 58.7% of the respondents believed that CM Yogi fulfilled his pre-election promises, whereas 30.7% of the respondents disagreed, and the remaining 10.6% were unsure of their answer.

When asked, ‘What do you think is Yogi Government’s biggest achievement in 4 years?’ 25.4% responded that BJP was successful in providing new employment opportunities, whereas 39.7% backed INC on this front.

Furthermore, 69.4% of respondents said “Yes” when asked if they felt safe from crime in the Yogi government’s regime, whereas 22.7% of respondents said “No”.

On the Love-Jihad law brought in by CM Yogi, 77.1% of respondents said that they supported the law, whereas 13.8% disagreed and 9.1% couldn’t decide.

The survey also revealed that 50.9% of the respondents rated Yogi Government’s performance during COVID times to be “very good”, whereas 24.7% rated it as “good” and 14.6% believed it was “average”.

When asked, ‘Do you think that the Yogi government has been able to successfully tackle corruption?’ 56.8% said yes whereas 32.8% disagreed. In the same vein, 33.3% backed BSP on successfully tackling corruption in the state whereas 54.4% differed from this opinion.

As for the methodology & survey details, the total sample size of the ABPNetwork-CVoter ‘UP ka Mood’ survey was 15747 with a margin of error: .+_- 3% / +_- 5%


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