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ABP News’ Desh ka Mood survey predicts NDA closest to majority with 267 seats

MediaInfoline April 9, 2019

ABP’s Desh Ka Mood, released its last episode of the survey results done by CVoter. The timeline of the survey was from 1st week of March to 1st Week of April 2019 spread across PAN India.

The recent survey released by ABP – Cvoter shows that NDA is the only alliance closest to majority with 267 seats as per Desh Ka Mood Survey and UPA will be in the position to form a government only if a third-party front or all others their support to form a coalition.

Mr. Avinash Pandey, CEO, ABP News Network said,ABP News – Desh ka mood has been successful in covering the length and breadth of the country showing the current clear image of the political scenario and the intricacies that are indicative of a hotly contested election. Not only this, the show has been showcasing the aspirations and expectations of the common men and women from the upcoming government. Today’s episode clearly showcases the changing dynamics in the political battle and projects a tuff fight NDA and UPA government.”

He further added, “At ABP News Network, we are proud of our innovative election programming, such reporting, detailed analysis and interesting content is a testament to the constant innovation we pride ourselves keeping #deshkorakheyaagey.”

Survey Data Results:


All India 30.7 41.9 27.4
Party Alliance UPA NDA Others




All India 142 267 134 543
Party Alliance UPA NDA ALL OTHERS Total


  • The survey shows very interesting insights for the first-time –marginal decline for the current government which is 46 % compared to 52% last survey result.
  • The immediate aftermath of Balakot strikes led to a rise in the percentage of respondents strongly satisfied with the government and rose to a recent all time high of 52%.
  • In terms of leadership PM Modi leads by a wide margin.
  • BJP enjoys a clear and present advantage over the INC when it comes to security matters. The lead of BJP is too close for comfort when socio-economic issues dominate the discourse.


SOTN Poll Sample Size: 45000 plus

SOTN Poll Fieldwork: 1st March till 5th April

Sample spread: ALL 543 Lok Sabha seats across ALL states


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