This Anti Tobacco Day, MTV persuades Come Out Of The Hiding

MTV persuades Come Out Of The Hiding

For years, smoking has been a ‘conversation starter’ of sorts. Be it college, work or social gatherings, smoke breaks have seen strangers become best buds. Who would have thought that tobacco inhalation could bring people close, ashes to ashes and dust to dust. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

The funny part is that for all the good smoking ‘apparently’ does to mankind, one has to keep it in hiding. Scared of being shamed or even being spotted by families and neighbours, one has to find comfort around shady areas to puff away. Little do they realise that this effort isn’t worth it. So, if cigarettes keep you away from your loved ones, why not keep away from cigarettes?

This Anti-Tobacco Day, MTV encourages all the smokers to come out and break the habit of smoking before it breaks them bad.

The choice is yours, ditch your people or ditch cigarettes #WorldNoTobaccoDay!

Check out the video – here

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