Battle for the States: CNN-News18 announces special programming line-up


As the assembly elections in the states of West Bengal, Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and the Union territory of Puducherry draw near, CNN-News18 has lined-up an array of in-depth yet engaging programming. Titled ‘Battle for the States’, the channel that will delve into all aspects of the assembly elections while covering the grueling campaigns and fierce competition amongst the major political parties.

With an aim to keep the viewers apprised of every single political development in the states leading up to the elections, the channel has lined up non-stop programming capturing the ground realities of every state. With diverse formats and data driven approach, CNN-News18 will present an exclusive and comprehensive poll of polls, audience based debate shows and interviews of the biggest newsmakers, catching the pulse of the electorates, and anticipating the changes the upcoming government will bring in the national politics. Further, the power-packed programming will also cover polling day, exit poll, and counting day extensively, bringing fastest and most accurate updates to the viewers.

Bringing a seamless blend of technology and creativity, CNN-News18 will deep dive into data and provide an unparalleled experience to the viewers. The channel has deployed award winning election analytic tool Magic Wall and ELEX-A, to capture all the relevant data pertaining to voting by the electorate, analysing it and applying algorithms to render a virtual display of a map with factual results.

The special line-up of programming will be driven by the channel’s formidable team of editorial experts led by veteran anchors and journalists such as Zakka Jacob, Managing Editor, Anand Narasimhan, Executive Editor, Marya Shakil, Political Editor, Shreya Dhoundial, Senior Editor, Pallavi Ghosh, Senior Editor, Politics, and Arunima, Deputy Editor who will offer viewers superior coverage of the assembly elections. Supported by a team of on-ground reporters and eminent experts, CNN-News18 will offer viewers unmatched reportage of these crucial state elections from ground zero.

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