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Deepika Vows to #KhulKeKhelo Holi

MediaInfoline March 23, 2016

It’s that time of the year again, where we will scream and shout, “Holi Hai”! Just like every year, gulaal will blast from  around every corner, yummy gujiya will be washed down with intoxicating bhang, and Rang Barse and Balam Pichkari will blare from speakers across the country.  But alas- fewer and fewer people celebrate our beloved festival of colours in all its glory. In the good old days, old quarrels, social barriers and inhibitions were set aside, and Holi was a time to have unadulterated, zabardast fun with friends, family and strangers! But today, whether it is busy schedules, tempting getaway plans or plain old laziness, there are too many spoilsports out there who are not celebrating Holi in its truest spirit.

This year, to help us reconnect with this beautiful festival, our lovely leading lady Deepika is asking us to #KhulkeKheloHoli! As part of a colourful Holi video montage, she is inviting us to use this joyous occasion to reconnect with our loved ones, and bring back the colour of our special relationships! Who better than the Balam Pichkari  girl to tell us how to enjoy Holi to the fullest?! So let’s take her advice, and promise to #KhulkeKheloHoli like never before!


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