Divine Light Has Filled The Autumn Morning


The frenzy of Durga Puja has set in throughout Bengal. The streets have come alive with milling crowds. The pujas also herald the homecoming of a large number of Bengalis. It is the time for adda – the freewheeling spontaneous chat sessions that have come to define Bengalis – that are also a way of greasing the wheels of friendship that tend to turn a bit creaky and rusty due to our relentless professional compulsions.

The screen of TV9 Bangla will become vibrant with adda on all the four days of the pujas. On Saturday, Sasthi, Octobet 1, the special programme of Mahalaya titled, ‘Anya Agamani’ will be telecasted in a repeat show on popular demand from 2pm onwards.

On Sunday, Saptami, October 2, the popular band Dohar will spice up the session at 2 pm.

On Monday, Astami, October 3, Baisakhi and Sovan Banerjee, the couple who have, in the recent past, attempted to redefine romantic relations, will appear at a session titled “Dujone Mukhomukhi” (Face to Face) that will be aired at 8:30 am.

On the same day (Astami), thespian Goutam Halder with the members of his group Nawey Natua will regale the audience in his inimitable style at a 2 pm chat.

On Nabami, Tuesday, the popular rock band Cactus will assemble for the adda session. The timing remains the same – 2 pm.

On Dussera, (Dasami) Wednesday, folk singer Abhijit Basu and the artists in his team will enliven the adda in the afternoon.

On Dussera, (Dasami) evening, the adda session will merge in the grand, but trifle sad, immersion in the Hooghly River. Chandrabindoo, the popular Bengali music band, will spice up this final adda session.

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