Yet another exposé by ZEE News on Kathua Case

The Kathua rape case, which shook the conscience of the entire nation, took a new twist when the three witnesses in the case – Neeraj Sharma, Sachin Sharma and Vishal Sharma – turned hostile and said that the Jammu and Kashmir Police tortured them into giving a statement against their friend and accused Vishal Jangotra. Vishal is the cousin of the juvenile who elegiacally kidnapped the eight-year-old and called Vishal to Kathua with an offer that he can rape the girl.

The three witnesses have said that the police pressurised them to give a statement that Vishal was in Kathua from January 12-15. They had earlier told the Crime Branch of the J&K Police that Vishal was in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar in the said period. But the police torture and custody made them change their statement.

ZEE News interviewed all three witnesses in the case – Neeraj Sharma, Sachin Sharma and Vishal Sharma which will be shown tonight in ‘DNA’ show (9 pm-10:30 pm).

This is a serious allegation against the J&K Police. Zee News, in its quest for truth, had earlier shown a report on April 16 which revealed the truth about the incident.

The report was based on facts gathered from the village where this incident happened. The report was taken very seriously by the villagers in Kathua who did not believe on the investigation done by the Crime Branch of J&K Police. Zee News was also questioned, that it is trying to help the accused. But these allegations are wrong.

The police in its chargesheet says that the girl was kidnapped by the juvenile accused on January 10, and called his cousin and co-accused Vishal Jangotra to Kathua with an offer that he can rape the girl. Vishal reached Kathua the next day, says the chargesheet, and killed her on January 13. It also says that Vishal disposed of the body on January 15 and left for Meerut at 4pm.

Zee News has accessed a CCTV footage which exposes the shoddy work done by the J&K Police and puts into perspective certain things. The CCTV footage, obtained from an ATM in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar on January 15, shows Vishal inside the ATM and withdrawing money. The footage was taken at 3.03pm. So if Vishal was present inside the ATM at 3pm, how can he be present in Kathua at around the same time?

The bank statement accessed by Zee News also which shows that Rs 1000 were withdrawn from the SBI ATM. The account belongs to Vishal’s sister Monica Sharma.

There are other aspects of the chargesheet which point towards sloppy work done by the state police. For example, the chargesheet says that call detail records of the accused show they were together in Kathua. If this is indeed the case, these records should be produced before the court.

The entire country wants justice for the girl. Till the time that is achieved, Zee News will continue its quest.

Catch DNA tonight at 9pm for all this and more on the Kathua rape case.

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