India News Rajasthan to Showcase Special Coverage on Assembly Elections

India News Rajasthan Coverage on Assembly Elections

India News Rajasthan brings to its viewers their special programming titled ‘Kissa Kursi Ka – CM Kaun?’ on December 7th, the voting day of Rajasthan assembly elections across 199 constituencies.

Anchored by senior journalists, the special programme ‘Kissa Kursi Ka – CM Kaun?’ will bring comprehensive and crisp coverage for its viewers throughout the day on the latest happenings. India News Rajasthan reporters will also cover various polling booths to check the pulse of the people from ground zero.

There will also be interesting high-voltage debates with top political personalities from the Rajasthan political landscape debating the burning issues that will add a new outlook to the state politics and the choice of the voters.

Watch “Kissa Kursi Ka – CM Kaun?” exclusively on India News Rajasthan on Friday, 7th December, 2018 from morning till evening.

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