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This Makar Sankranti, learn theorems with “Randy the Kite Man’’

MediaInfoline January 10, 2020

January welcomes Makar Sankranti which is India’s first spirited festival, celebrated with utmost enthusiasm and thrill. The festival brings together families and friends flying colourful kites with recreational kite flying competitions that lead to a cultural exchange of descendance. The vibrancy of the occasion brings together communities to embrace this age-old tradition which has been passed on from generations together. But did you know that kite flying can be used as a unique and interesting learning technique for kids? Believe it, you can now learn those boring math theorems in an interesting way anywhere and anytime because kite flying is just not limited to India. Great Big Story takes you on a story telling adventure with Winfred Randolph aka, Randy the Kite Man who has been teaching the fundamentals of geometry to students, providing them with a one-one experience to explore and understand physical and tangible representations of principles, like the Pythagorean theorem through a simple kite flying session.

When we fly kites, we tend to become competitive with our peers. The subject of math is no different. Randy the Kite Man encourages children to spend more time outside and provides kite flying as an education that make kids do faster calculations, successfully enabling them to attempt & clear the ‘not-so-tough’ examinations.

He ensures that the concepts of geometry can be connected to our day to day life and can be easily learnt without personalized attention.

Please find below the Great Big Story Link:

Teaching Math Lessons in the Sky


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