News18 Bihar/Jharkhand’s campaign ‘Hip Hip Hurray’


The region of Bihar / Jharkhand has an abundance of footballing talent, however basic infrastructure such as football fields etc. have been neglected in recent times resulting in an erosion of facilities available to players, News18 Bihar/Jharkhand’s campaign ‘Hip Hip Hurray’ aims to shine the spotlight on this issue and drive action through concerned authorities.

There’s a severe shortage of quality infrastructure when it comes to football. The lack of proper pitches is alarming. What’s worse is that even the best clubs in the country are failing to produce or maintaining quality football pitches. Poor pitches severely hinder the development of good football and footballers. The campaign will cover all these elements and thus help India shine in Football.

The campaign will consist of stories, special shows as well as interviews with the concerned authorities and sportspersons and will also aim to encourage the female talent in the two states.

Launching episode itself saw the support of many personalities along with sports minister of Bihar, Alok Ranjan Jha who appreciated our campaign and also promised to work hand in hand for improving the sports infrastructure in region.

Stay tuned to News18 Bihar/Jharkhand for more updates on ‘Hip Hip Hurray’

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