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News18 India & News18 Bihar Jharkhand Brings The Fastest Accurate Bihar Election Results

MediaInfoline November 9, 2020

The Bihar Elections has caused a stir in the country as it is the first ever election in India since the pandemic happened. Everyone is glued to the television awaiting the final outcome of the fierce political battle in the assembly elections.

Cashing in on the phenomenon, News 18 India and News 18 Bihar-Jharkhand have launched an extensive election day program leading upto the counting day on 10th November. It will bring 24/7 360 degree analysis of the ongoing election powered by ground level research, in depth analysis of trends, first reactions; bringing out the fastest results. 

Fast, Accurate & In-depth Analysis

True to the News18 Legacy, a dedicated battalion of on the ground reporters will deliver the fastest and the most accurate updates from ground zero. Together with experts and analysts, the channel will decipher the mood of the political leaders, contenders and voters from 243 constituencies, making the people aware of the latest happenings on the ground. 

The whole counting day program will be handled by senior journalists like Kishore Ajwani, Amish Devgan, Prateek Trivedi, Neha Pant, Brajesh Kumar Singh, Sukanya Rani & Diwakar Tiwari. 

With the help of experts, analysts and newsmakers the channel will discuss the key issues and delve deeper into the emerging trends and results. 

24/7 Coverage from Ground Zero

Both News 18 India and News 18 Bihar-Jharkhand will bring out the best of Bihar election result analysis throughout the day. 

Watch the fastest, most accurate and exhaustive coverage of the counting day of Bihar elections on 10th November, 2020 from 6 AM on News18 India & News18 Bihar/ Jharkhand


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