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News18 India’s reportage for the Counting Day of Jharkhand Election

MediaInfoline December 23, 2019

After the intense political campaigning in Jharkhand, it is now the time for results of the electoral and political test for the BJP government in the state. As the voters and the major political parties await the verdict of the election, News18 India is set to present the most comprehensive reportage of the Counting Day on 23rd December. The channel has lined-up special programming to keep the viewers apprised of latest trends and developments.

Commencing at 7AM, the day-long programming will be geared towards bringing the up-to-the-minute updates. Giving unparalleled insight into these crucial assembly elections, the reportage will be augmented with in-depth analysis and discussions. The channel will keep a close track of results and analyse the implications with eminent experts in the special programming.

News18 India’s team of journalists combined with a renowned panel of experts will aim to offer unmatched access to the developments and first reactions from the biggest newsmakers across the state and the nation. Spearheading the programming and coverage, Managing Editor Kishore Ajwani and Managing Editor, News18 UP/UK, News18 MP/CG & News18 Rajasthan Amish Devgan, along with Senior Editor Prateek Trivedi will be joined by eminent experts and political analysts.

With comprehensive reportage to bring the fastest, accurate results and a 360-degree view of the final picture, News18 India will aim to be the most sought after news destination on the Jharkhand Election Counting Day.

Watch Counting Day coverage on News18 India on 23rd December 2019 starting 7AM


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