News18’s Mega Exit Poll results to be unveiled at 5 PM on June 1

News18’s Mega Exit Poll results to be unveiled at 5 PM on June 1

News18 Network is set to unveil the results of its ‘Mega Exit Poll’ on 1st June, covering 518 Lok Sabha constituencies across 21 major states.

News18’s Exit poll goes live on June 1, at 5 pm, offering the most accurate projections of the likely outcomes of General Elections 2024. Featuring a vast sample size, News18 Mega Exit Poll covers 95% of Lok Sabha seats, making it one of India’s most extensive surveys.

With a structured questionnaire translated into 11 regional languages, the survey used mixed methodology for News18 Mega Exit poll. Unlike traditional exit polls conducted immediately after voters cast their votes, this survey was conducted the day after polling. This approach was chosen for its ability to yield more reliable responses. The ‘day after’ interviews were done from Phase 1 to 6 and the traditional exit poll took place during the last Phase 7. Fieldwork for the survey was carried out by ten different fieldwork agencies with strict quality control measures in place.

The results of the News18 Mega Exit Poll will be covered extensively across all News18 network channels including News18 India, CNN-News18 and News18’s regional channels. The results will also feature on News18’s websites in various languages, ensuring wide-reaching and inclusive coverage of the landmark survey.

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