NSE’s investments in technology infrastructure has tripled in last 3-4 years

NSE's investments in technology infrastructure has tripled in last 3-4 years

National Stock Exchange of India Ltd has been investing heavily in technology infrastructure in the last 3-4 years. The institution has almost tripled its annual cash spend on capital and operational expenses to INR 900 crores (approx.).

The tech initiatives of NSE are being carried out by an efficient technology workforce of about over 1500 employees and vendor staff.

The institution is a strong, secure, fault-tolerant, and resilient technology infrastructure supported by world-class equipment from vendors like Dell, HP, Checkpoint, Oracle, Cisco, Hitachi, Palo Alto, etc. And, the equipment is being aided by other best technology service providers of the country like Wipro, Cognizant, and TCS.

NSE has a technology governance process and the technology infrastructure is being reviewed by committees like Standing Committee on Technology on regular basis. Standing Committee on Technology has tech experts and various types of audits are being performed by various firms/institutions with specialized expertise.

The institution is the largest derivatives exchange in the world by volumes and which are then handled with demonstrated track records. In spite of the challenging external environment during the last year, there has not been any impact on trading.

The daily average volumes of equity and equity derivatives segments have gone up by 122% in 2021, compared to 2019. The average order messages per day have gone up by around 200%, during the last year across all segments with the highest load of more than 6.5 billion order messages per day. NSE and NSE Clearing have implemented several multiple structural changes like interoperability, etc. in the last two years, seamlessly.

NSE has been consistently providing an environment without any malfunctions. Though, the elaborate technology architecture has an important external and vendor dependencies in terms of hardware and connectivity. Besides, there have been trading outages in markets of countries like Japan, New Zealand, Australia, UK, and Germany int he last two years.

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