Republic Media Network celebrated a GREEN INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY


Republic Media Network celebrates the power of the Indian woman. Indian women are the biggest asset to the country’s workforce and one that leads the charge for India’s future. Making unstoppable strides, Indian women are the backbone of the workforce globally. Their achievements, discipline, work ethic, innovation, resolve, and unmatched performance have made Indian women ultimate examples of strong leadership in sector-after-sector.

On International Women’s Day, Republic Media Network proudly celebrates the women within its family and across the world. As a gesture of appreciation and as a symbol of commitment to women empowerment, Republic Media Network takes the pledge to save, seed, and protect our shared future by protecting the environment.

With climate change and shrinking green belts, the onus is on us to protect the world we together build. It is with this intent that Republic Media Network will take the pledge this Women’s Day to save, seed, and protect plant life. Flora and fauna form the foundation of the ecosystem of our planet and there is no better day to pledge to protect it than a day marked to celebrate Women, who form the foundation of the ecosystem of our society. It is with this multi-pronged commitment in mind, that Republic Media Network gifted all women employees of the organisation potted plants.

Republic Media Network marked a truly ‘Green’ International Women’s Day. Women force, who are proudly at the core of the Network, celebrated Women’s Day by taking this pledge together of nurturing plants and protecting our future.

Commenting on the initiative, Honey Kaur – Vice President & Head- Human Resources, Republic Media Network, said, “Women are at the core of Republic Media Network. The women force of this Network are the drivers of the vision that we are all working towards. I am truly blessed and proud to be a part of such an energetic, ambitious, and passionate organisation that is led by powerful women in department after department. The future of our country and Republic will be shouldered by our unstoppable women force.”

“As an organisation that has pledged to always put Nation First, it is only fitting that on the day that we celebrate the strength and unmatched contribution of our women force, we also do our bit to pledge for the betterment of the future of our great country. That is exactly the thought behind a Green International Women’s Day at Republic.”

Hersh Bhandari, Group COO, Republic Media Network added “Advice from a little sapling: Be bold, be brave, never fear growth. Rise, shine, and spread your seeds of happiness as far as you can.To all the ladies of the Republic Media Network, we thank you for your service, and for reminding us that together, women can achieve anything.At Republic Media Network, we are not empowering women, we are empowered by women.”

Happy International Women’s Day!

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