Roposo is searching India’s best content creators with #MadeOnRoposo

Roposo launches #MadeOnRoposo

India’s largest short video platform, Roposo, with the skyrocketing consumption of digital content giving rise to a bevvy of independent entertainers has now launched a nationwide search for the best of the best creators. Over the next two months, a unique online talent hunt #MadeOnRoposo will identify the most original and outstanding short video creators in the country.

Giving known and little-known artists a virtual stage to showcase their talents, the contest aims to democratise the digital content arena by providing a level playing field for creators from across the nation. Popular Bollywood actor Neha Dhupia along with prominent Casting Director Mukesh Chhabra and acclaimed Director and Choreographer Farah Khan will be judging #MadeOnRoposo.

The hunt started on 13 April 2021 and will go on till 12 June 2021.

Commenting on the announcement, Bikash Chowdhury, Vice President – Marketing, Glance, said, “India today is briming with talented individuals who are just looking at ways to express themselves through their creativity. #MadeOnRoposo, provides a perfect stage for individual creators to channel their genius to create something that is original and resonates with the public. The talent hunt endeavours to help the creators pave a path into the entertainment industry, while also giving them opportunities to win exciting prizes.”

The contest also comes with huge rewards, besides providing an access to millions of viewers. Creators will potentially get that invaluable ticket to Bollywood and opportunities to create content with the celebrity judges. Mukesh Chhabra will also offer one of the finalists an internship at his casting academy. While all final category level winners may win prizes worth of Rs. 1 lakh each, one finalist stands a chance to win a Toyota Urban Cruiser. Furthermore, awards worth Rs. 5 lakhs are up for grabs during in-app contests*.

Through an ID available on Roposo profile, users can register to participate. Creators will participate in various in-app contests to move up the leader board, in the first stage of #MadeOnRoposo. Across five categories, 45 participants, will head to the semi-finals. Based on video submissions, judges will then select the finalists. The contest will culminate in a Grand Finale in Mumbai**, where live, on-stage performances will decide the winners in each of the categories.

Leading to an increase in influencers creating content across genres, the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the consumption of content through social media.  B-town celebrities are encouraging creators to develop original content and become trendsetters by producing unique concepts. However, the most creative content often risks not gaining traction and getting lost in the crowd. The #MadeOnRoposo talent hunt will address this gap by encouraging digital creators to generate the most unique and original content on social media.

#The rewards may be modified based on availability.

*This is a general description. Terms and Conditions are applicable.

**Any travel or on-stage performance will be subject to Covid-19 related restrictions.


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