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Salaam Veteran honors the veterans of the Armed Forces

Madhushree Chakrabarty January 14, 2021

udChalo celebrates the National Veterans Day on 14th January with a new initiative, Salaam Veteran. The initiative honors the soldiers of our country for their immense sacrifices made on the borders every day.

Salaam Veteran is a short film featuring veteran actor Dr. Mohan Agashe. Through the video, udChalo expresses extreme gratitude on behalf of the entire nation for their determination, discipline, punctuality, and grit. It is for them that we are able to sleep without any worries.

Director Divyansh Ganjoo, Basta Films says, “If kids can do it, why can’t we? The takeaway message from the Salaam Veteran film will urge Civilians to really honor our Real Heroes.”

He added, “We thoroughly enjoyed the process of making this film with Veteran Actor, Dr. Mohan Agashe Sir. He is fun to work with. He got along well with the kids and that worked wonders for us. We’re positive and really confident about the outcome of this film and the overwhelming response we will get from it.”

Vikash Tripathi, Chief Business Officer, udChalo says, “Although India has a dedicated day to celebrate the heroes, very few are aware of it and Indian Citizens at large, lack information on why the day is celebrated, who exactly is a ‘Veteran’ and what to do about it?”

He further adds, “At udChalo, we decided to step in to create awareness around this important day and remind all of us to thank every Veteran for his/her selfless service to our great Nation. Veterans are true Heroes amongst us, and all we need to do is to reach out to them and give them their due respect and gratitude. Their courage is inspiring, and their incredible experiences need to be passed on to future generations. Keeping this in mind, we celebrate National Veterans Day on a large scale. With the power of media and social media, we hope to see our campaign film reach every Indian Citizen to spread awareness about the same.”


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