Swapnil Joshi to play the protagonist in ‘Mann Sudha Tuja’- ABP Majha special focusing on mental health issues


Mental health is still considered to be a taboo when it comes to conversations on a societal level. People are often ridiculed for their struggles and are forced to refrain from disclosing their problems and seeking any professional help. The COVID-19 pandemic has compounded these struggles for countless individuals who have had to endure these mental health problems while being isolated from the outside world.

ABP Majha has taken the initiative to reach out to audiences by destigmatising mental health problems and presenting relatable stories from our society. The format of the show will feature a protagonist playing the role of a psychiatrist, this role is being played by the renowned actor Swapnil Joshi. The stories which will be featured in the show have been taken from the book by Dr. Nandu Mulmule, a famous psychiatrist from Nanded. Prashant Dalvi has written the screenplay, the series is directed by the National Award winning director Chandranath Kulkarniand the music theme is created by the National Film Award for best Music Direction winner Ashok Patki. The cast features household names from Marathi TV and film industry like Sharad Ponkshe, PratikshaLonakar, Nina Kulkarni, Sunil Barvai, Shrikant Yadav and Prasad Khandekar.

ABP Majha has always taken the lead in showcasing issues of critical importance that affect our society. This series promises to make the viewers question the prevalent hysteria surrounding mental health issues and will go a long way in normalising the importance of mental wellbeing as a basis for a healthy life. The show aims to encourage viewers to acknowledge the mental health struggles of people around them and equip them with the impetus to understand them better.  The importance of professional help and counselling on these issues has been depicted as a progressive and essential part of the overall wellbeing of an individual.

Commenting on this year’s special programming, ABP Network’s CEO, Mr. Avinash Pandey said“This programme about mental health has the potential to help scores of people who have been forced to live under a shell facing the burden of these issues, to come out and talk freely about their struggles.ABP Majha decided to create this series to spread awareness about this critical subject.”

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