TV9 Bangla’s watchlist: Stay tuned with Puro Lorai 2021 ahead of corporation elections

TV9 Bangla’s watchlist: Stay tuned with Puro Lorai 2021 ahead of corporation elections

As the slugfest in the corporation election gears up to take a center stage, TV9 Bangla leaps into a hard-hitting action to divulge storytelling sessions through power-packed fresh and new content programs under Puro Lorai 2021. The program’s objective is to bring the public under lens so that the common people can deliver their messages to the politicos, opinion makers, leaders, celebrities to understand their interest and knowhow before the upcoming elections.

TV9 Bangla’s Puro Lorai ensures a strategic 300-minute programs based on political scenario winning the trust and confidence of the viewers. The news channel claims to generate end-to-end impactful programs to serve unbiased and authentic information garnering public-engaging debates and talk shows. পুরভোটে তৃণমূলের টিকিট পাওয়ার পরই বামেদের বিরুদ্ধে বিস্ফোরক বসুন্ধরা | Basundhara Goswami – YouTube

The season’s first program, TV9 Caravan is an extension of Manusher Pashe, an exclusive campaign and brainchild of TV9 Bangla that commutes the city for collecting public grievances. It has 20 episodes of 5 minutes duration, where TV9 Covid Patrol van turned TV9 Vote Caravan for Kolkata Municipal Corporation roams across the city to bring out the on-ground reality faced by the people. Tagged as Kolkatar Kosto, Hoy Jak Sposhto, this car aims to visit the wards located under municipal corporations, portrays good and bad experiences and challenges faced by the locals. কলকাতার কষ্ট হয়ে যাক স্পষ্ট | ৯২ নম্বর ওয়ার্ডে বামপন্থী কাউন্সিলর কাজ করেছেন? | KMC Election 2021 – YouTube

Acquiring views from the Tollywood and Television celebs, Amader Parate -Taroka Chokhe airs 10 episodes of 10 minutes each. আমাদের পাড়াতে | বিদীপ্তা চক্রবর্তীর পাড়ায় থমকে পুকুর সংস্কার, জমছে আবর্জনা | KMC Vote 2021 – YouTube

Puro Bitarka is about on-ground discussions with party guests of different locations of Kolkata and Howrah. পুরবিতর্ক | ভবানীপুর | বিজেপির শক্ত ঘাঁটি, চ্যালেঞ্জ শাসকদলকে | Kolkata Municipal Election 2021 – YouTube

Mayor Porishad Jobab Din is essentially a talk show where 6 mayor-in-councils seated in the studio, would be justifying their activities, and would be facing questions from different localities that TV9 Caravan collects. It also features reactions from the oppositions and public views on the progress reports.

Another trailblazer, Mukhomukhi Mayor is an exclusive interview session with the Editor of TV9 Bangla.

Towards the end of the session, time for evaluations on the key performance of councilors of various wards of Kolkata and Howrah will be presented in a show namely Councilor Marksheet. It is a filler, where existing councilors will be asked questions in a buzzer round.

The show, Apnie Reporter is a comprehensive report based on civic issues of different locality by the locals. Composed of 10 episodes, this will be aired for 5 mins in the news channel.

Purobashini is yet again an exclusive women centric show where women will be discussing on the problems, experiences, challenges faced to the news reporter. পুরবাসিনী | সন্তোষ মিত্র স্কোয়ার | ৪ সমস্যা — জল জমা, নিকাশি ব্যবস্থা, জলের অপচয়, ডেঙ্গি – YouTube

Stories on Kolkata Municipal Corporations and Howrah will be aired in the news segment called Puro Kadcha.

The highlights of Amraa Oraa comprises of opinions based on the socio-economic status of a specific locality.

Kolkatar Vote has been dedicated towards narrating the historic tales of the elections in Kolkata’s corporation election.

Spanning from every lane across the city, Oligoli Cholilam has been implemented to bring in the light of the voice of the common citizens. অলি গলি চলিলাম | কলকাতা পুরসভা | বরো ১২ | কী হয়েছে? কী হয়নি? | Kolkata Municipal Election 2021 – YouTube

Kathabarta is a one-on-one interaction of 60 mins each, with the ex-mayors and politicians by the Editor of the news channel.

Besides these, studio live on polling day program, exit poll, opinion poll, counting day and others are already in the pipeline.

Keeping the spirit of the election festival manifold, TV9 Bangla’s Puro Lorai 2021 aims to set ablaze the fresh programs for the viewers to tune on to TV9 Bangla every day this month.

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