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WIN celebrates Mother’s Day with two panel discussions


WOMEN INSPIRING NETWORK is celebrating the occasion of Mother’s Day by bringing together women from different walks of life who would be discussing their relationships with their mothers. Along with that, excerpts and anecdotes from their life journey and their triumph with motherhood.

There would be two panel discussions, the first one being “WELLNESS FOR MOM BURN OUT” and the second one is about revolutionizing the world with positivity – #BETHECHANGE

Commenting on these inspirational sessions, Stuti Jalan – Founder of Women’s Inspiring Network, said, “The WOMEN INSPIRING NETWORK has been a platform for women to share their ideas and thoughts about issues that are important to us. Given the current scenario women are under tremendous pressure and are trying their best to be focused on spreading a positive attitude with their family and loved ones. On this special occasion of Mother’s Day we have two sessions planned with women who have paved their way in this world with their talent.”

Mansi Zaveri, CEO, Kidsstoppress on 7th May is going to hold the panel discussion for WELLNESS FOR MOM BURN OUT which is a multichannel digital platform for parents to connect with the latest brands, services and kids across the country, Naina Ruhail – Founder of India’s first and largest Clean Beauty Marketplace, working towards Growing the Clean beauty community and bringing it at par with the global economy, Pragati Sureka – Working in the realm of mental health since 15 years. Author of 2 books: Musings( a collection of poetry for personal responsibility) Hope stories for a healthy mind, published by Scholastic, Harpreet Suri –  A mom influencer, a go-to stop for all mommies. A mommy to two adorable kids, a fashion icon, awarded with “The 50 Most Influential Women of the World Award*. featured on famous platforms like Social Samosa”, associated with so many trusted amazing wife and much more and Pratishtha Rawat –a budding fitness and wellness coach. She aspires to empower one and all the tips about health, wellness and skincare.

To begin the movement on 5TH MAY, 2021, WIN presents to you an exceptional panel discussion series “Be the Change”. For a better tomorrow, we all need to step up & #Bethechange. We want to encourage people to “Be the change” rather than waiting for others to take any action where they will keep waiting forever. Let’s raise our voices together and #BetheChange for a movement that we have begun to seek a better tomorrow.

The panel discussion would have Madhurima Bhattacharjee – the designer behind the homonym fashion label considers that the brand stands for the fashion-conscious, independent woman of today who would not shy from trying something bold in the process of exploring her own style, Shilpa Saraf – a mom influencer who shares snippets from her daily life on parenting to inspire fellow moms and Raghushree Poddar – a mom of 2 and a successful entrepreneur of a Boutique Lifestyle brand: Remme Lifestyle in Jaipur.

Along with these powerful sessions, the WOMEN INSPIRING NETWORK is also doing a video with 100 women from different walks of lives about their inspiration in life.

The gifting partner for this influential campaign is PURESSENTIEL – A French, one of the world’s very few Aroma-Therapeutic brands, one of its kind and is a 100% family-run laboratory producing ready-to-use aromatherapy formulas based on a simple principle: Pure Effectiveness! Puressentiel has entered the Indian market with a range of wellness air sprays for their audience. It is one of the socially conscious brands and has been supporting projects that protect biodiversity, environmentalism, works toward the education and protection of kids and the healthcare sector.


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