Ajinkya Rahane roped in as the Brand Ambassador by YouNeedCharacter

Ajinkya Rahane has been appointed as the brand ambassador of CricketPang

Ajinkya Rahane has recently joined YouNeedCharacter Co., Ltd., global character creation and animation production company which is spearheaded by CEO Minsu Song, as the brand ambassador for CricketPang. ‘CricketPang’ is the original animate series that is soon going to be launched and Ajinkya Rahane has been roped in as the ambassador for India for that, as a part of their promotion, marketing, and branding initiative.

YouNeedCharacter is currently planning and producing ‘CricketPang’, a tv animation based on Cricket. It is a company that creates animation and educational content with its original characters. The series will be aired in India, as the first stage of the launch, followed by other major countries. It is currently in the final production stage.

CricketPang is in talks with local companies to start its services in March 2021 and has signed with popular OTT platforms in India as well.

“India is a country of cricket. It is the nation’s favorite sport and famous cricket players along with Bollywood actors are some of India’s most influential role models. Among the cricket players, Ajinkya is a top-class player who is loved and respected by the Indian audience. He has garnered around 7 million followers on Facebook. I am extremely happy and think it is very important that such an excellent and famous player has shown interest and has become the brand ambassador of CricketPang.” said the CEO of YouNeedCharacter, Minsu Song. “With Ajinkya, we not only plan to promote the CricketPang animation but also initiate activities keeping public interest in mind. Through these initiatives, we intend to support cricket by securing scholarships for promising young cricket players in India.” He added

Commenting on his decision to become the ambassador of CricketPang, Ajinkya said, “An animation series on Cricket will be very interesting for children, especially when the narrative is interesting and the characters are cute. I feel an animated series like this will appeal to kids and it is a great way of promoting the sport. It is an interesting concept that convinced me to associate with the launch of CricketPang in the Indian market. I hope to have a long-standing association with the brand.”

The recently launched CricketPang Kindergarten App which is an educational app for kindergarten-age children shows the interest in the IP is high as it received tremendous response. The app has exceeded 100,000 downloads in India, despite the pre-airing of the CricketPang animation. The scope for the early childhood education platform business is quite promising as the ‘CricketPang TV’- CricketPang’s official YouTube channel, which was launched in mid-January exceeding 18,000 subscribers and 4 million views. The countries such as India, Bangladesh and so on, who are passionate about cricket have viewed it the most. Local commercialization is successfully possible and this has become clearer. CricketPang books are on the cards as major publishers are ready to publish a series of it and the publication is expected soon. CricketPang has signed with Rooh Entertainment, a renowned brand marketing agency in India additionally for their brand marketing and licensing business. The CricketPang Brand Licensing Program in India will be launched and built by Ms Rutika Malaviya, Founder – Rooh Entertainment.

Through local media channels, conducting local marketing, and actively promoting partnerships with various local companies in India, YouNeedCharacter plans to raise awareness in a short period of time by broadcasting the series. The initial launch process is expected to have a meaningful impact on the association with Ajinkya. Few interesting results can be seen after the collaboration of a cricket-themed animation and a star cricket player.

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