Delhi Capitals off field revenue matching its on field performance

Delhi Capitals secure highest ever sponsorship revenue with 50% jump from 2020

With a record 25 partners on board. Delhi Capitals has secured its highest ever sponsorship. This has resulted in a 50% increase in revenue. JSW and GMR are the co-owner of the Delhi Capitals.

2020 was a year of negative or no growth for most of the brands. The IPL brand value fell by 3.6%. Other sports brands also struggled to survive this period due to the impact of pandemics. Surprisingly, Delhi capital’s brand value fell by a mere 1%. This was the last drop among the IPL teams. Moreover, Delhi Capitals not only retained its year-on-year revenue but exceeded it during the tough times. With this Delhi Capitals has secured its highest ever sponsorship.

Delhi Capitals partner acquisition

The diverse set of partner brands include some eminent corporates of the country like JSW, GMR, and Jio. MNCs like LG, Optimum Nutrition, Colgate, and Nissin. Brands that are focused on the youth like Acko, Phone Pe, MX Taka Tak, and Wrogn Active are active partners as well. Some brands like Cornitos, Evolut, and OctaFX are new to the world of IPL sponsorship, have also chosen Delhi capitals as their launchpad. In 2021 the Delhi capitals added 9 more new partners.

Delhi Capitals has enhanced its fan base reach by securing valuable licensing associations. Apparel, fanwear, credit cards, and audio products are some of the major domains where the tea has been seen to penetrate.

Brand awareness

The team has very smoothly transitioned itself into digital content and social media adapting to the shift in global sport sponsorship. This pivoted focus has maximized the value addition to the partners. The figure speaks for itself when the teams’ digital content has achieved a record 450 million views in 2020. Moreover, there Facebook and Instagram accounts followers have increased by 32% in the same year. Furthermore, collaboration with AI enables platforms like Horizon, which has helped the team secure more brands through cause-led marketing. The deal with OctaFX is the result of such innovative collaborations.

Although the team has leveraged the use of modern technologies, youth-centric brand appeal, digital footing. Delhi capitals have been true to their roots. The on-field performance has been impressive. The team composition of young players and marquee international players has made Delhi Capitals a sought-after marketing platform.

Vinod Bisht, CEO Delhi Capitals, said, “Delhi Capitals is committed towards achieving greater heights, not only on the field but also off it. In a time where global sports brands continue to deal with commercial uncertainties, our forward-looking marketing strategy has helped us capitalize on emerging trends and secure our highest ever sponsorship revenue to date. The team’s talented squad, along with our strong connection with our fans has made our franchise an ideal avenue for brands. We are thankful to all our partners for their support for our maiden title-hunt.”

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