Fantasy Sports Gaming Platform, PlayerzPot rebrands itself

Fantasy Sports Gaming Platform, PlayerzPot rebrands itself

Fantasy gaming sports platform, PlayerzPot has rebranded itself just during the IPL 2021 in order to amplify the enthusiasm of cricket fans and fantasy gamers. The rebranding includes the company’s corporate logo, tagline, and consumer promotions.

The new brand positioning presents the platform as an exciting new playing field for all gamers and sports fans. The new tagline of the brand – India ka Naya Maidan shows the brand’s commitment to consistently innovate with new features in gaming and quizzes. The breakout campaign featuring the brand ambassadors Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Smriti Mandhana ask one question to the viewers PlayerzPot Pe Khela Kya? The campaign has a bassline-thumping rap song performed by KaamBhaari.

Talking about the rebranding initiative, Co-Founder and Director Mitesh Gangar says, “It’s a major milestone for the company as the fantasy sports gaming market is accelerating and there is a unique opportunity for the PlayerzPot brand to become synonymous with the excitement around IPL 2021. The platform has blossomed into a fresh, peppy, young brand while retaining all the factors that made us a trustworthy and much-loved app in the first place. The future seems even more exciting to us now, something which is echoed in our new brand colors, tagline, and theme song.”

Mr. Sunil Yadav, CEO, says, “Our business has grown and evolved colossally in a short span of time, and we feel it’s time to make an impactful impression on our target audience. We have revisited our logo, tagline, and other important elements for these to reflect who we are today and to symbolize our future. We always strive to deliver the best experience possible and ensure that new games, features, and offers are constantly being added to appeal to a larger audience and have something for everyone.”

Eshwari Pandit, Creative Director at Interactive Avenues says, “We knew we needed to create that unique differentiator from the spurt of fantasy gaming platforms. We realized very quickly that it was PlayerzPot’s multi-game and fantasy sports offerings. With a game for absolutely every kind of player – it is an app clearly poised to be India’s new playground. The tagline and rap paint a vibrant, inviting world that is sure to excite every kind of gamer.”

Suraj Talaulikar, Creative Director at Interactive Avenues says, “The idea of the logo came from the common unpredictable spin action found in every game, whether ball or dice. And the fact that it takes skill to play that spin and come out on top. The new visual identity is cool, young, and exciting – something that definitely stands out and puts the platform at an edge above the rest while appealing to our target audience.”

Catch the digital link for the video here.

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