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FUN2 crosses 1 lakh+ users; is trending at the zenith of the IPL tableau

Shreoshree Chakrabarty April 27, 2021

Mr. Kewal Kapoor Consultant, Global Advisory and Creative Strategist, in order to curb the gloom caused by Coronavirus, and spread the saplings of hope and creativity, repositioned and revamped fun2 as a sports platform. Recently crossing 1 lakh+ user in a short span, this perfect platform for sports lover and the curator of entertainment is at the zenith of the IPL (Indian Premier League) tableau in the people’s choice among the plethora of short video creating apps in the market. Cricket has made its space in India not just a game but as a religion and IPL, a festival. This sport is the second most popular sport worldwide, even though it is only a major professional sport in some countries. With an estimated audience of 2.5 billion, more than 1 billion Indians in the world and most of them love cricket. Celebrate your love for cricket with Fun2 round the globe!

The revolutionary platform brings together entertainment, music and sports and is a platform for the people, of the people and by the people. No matter from which folks or tribe you belong, either you are a cricket lover or a football champion or fan of any other sport FUN2 app is perfect for you because here anyone can participate in the quiz competition and win the prize. You will easily get sports quizzes and cricket updates with entertainment. In direction of sports lot of initiate has been taken fun2app sports and entertainment application been revamped at technology level where green room, sticker, context and quizzes have been added and at content level huge initiative have been taking such as “first time in India and globally by any short video application music has been curated for sports, music was conceived, the concept was created and total 83 short tunes have been created that’s now part of fun 2 music library.

On top of that, announcing this Fun2app in tough time where except IPL, sports is completely stopped, children and people cannot go out and play but despite this mobile application has generated huge interest and likely to cross 1 lakh users in such a short span despite the fact sports in new in short video platform and the user is still at the learning stage.

Mr. Kewal Kapoor, Global consulting advisor, Fun2 App says, “World is facing its toughest challenge of its kind in history of its existence more than 7.5 billion people directly and indirectly been threatened by Covid-19. He adds, Creativity always provide hopes so does sports. Zindagi hay khel koi pass koi fail’ at this juncture we need hope, we need game, and we need optimism”. He highlights the need of music and distraction of relief to cope up from Corona virus. Therefore, the believer of the music has taken the charge and blends it with sports. No one has ever conceived or thought of music about the game which is big in itself.”

Mental health expert across the globe is saying too much exposure to the sad incident, sad happening and event etc can affect mental health status and leads to increase in stress, anxiety and other serious disorder that’s why this beginning is important. Fun2 App is going to be a good platform for sports fans as all other apps focus only on entertainment. “Life’s game and the life of sports should continue”, this is only an inspiring quote as Covid-19 has created despair and fear in everyone’s life. Furthermore, Mr. Kapoor along with NRI Ekant, Manoj Bhanu (India), Sidharth Rao (USA) targeting at least 3 lakh users in the next 3 months. However, the responsibility for branding and giving content direction to it, as far as deciding other parts like prizes etc. is in the domain of the company.

To conclude, be a part of the revolutionary fun community of Sports, music and entertainment only at ONE STOP- Fun2.

Fun2 app is available on the play store and AppStore.


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