Hyderabad FC brings 30 sec short video content series ‘The HFC Man’

Hyderabad Football Club releases their new series ‘The HFC Man’

Hyderabad FC brings another original series in the form of 30-sec short video content to connect with the modern fans freshly and uniquely. Hyderabad FC gave an ode to the club’s journey in their first docu-series ‘Future Is Us’ and is now geared up to release their new production ‘The HFC Man‘.

HFC Man is a series that will give an interesting twist to the latest news regarding their favourite club. HFC’s Instagram handle released the intriguing teaser of the HFC man which has garnered the attention of various entertainment buffs and sports fans alike. Taking on from the popularity of Chellam Sir played by Veteran actor Uday Mahesh from the latest amazon prime series, HFC has created their very own Chichaa who has all confidential information regarding the latest player signings, club news and announcements in an unconventional way through an 8 episode micro-series. This technique of sharing transfer news and announcements regarding the Club’s upcoming season has never been tried before in football and opens up a trend for others to follow

To make it more interactive, there will be rewards for the fans who can guess the announcement using the clues given by Chichaa.

Mr. Varun Tripuraneni and Mr. Vijay Madduri acquired the franchise on 27th 27 August 2019. Mr. Varun Tripuraneni is the former CEO of Kerala Blasters and the former COO of Chennaiyin F.C. while Mr. Vijay Madduri is a Hyderabad based tech entrepreneur. Additionally, businessman and actor Mr. Rana Daggubati is another co-owner of the team. He believes in the game of football.

It is a professional football club playing in the Indian Super League and is the first-ever top-flight club from the football-loving city of Hyderabad and on the other hand, ex-promoters of Havmor Ice Cream Limited, Phab was launched in January 2020. It is a protein supplements and fitness snacks & beverages brand.


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