IPL 2022: Octa to support DCTV for more thrilling content about Delhi Capitals

IPL 2022: Octa to support DCTV for more thrilling content about Delhi Capitals

With IPL 2022 in full swing, Octa, a global brand of investment services, helps to keep the fans of Delhi Capitals updated with exclusive content and behind the scenes videos of their beloved team. Being a principal sponsor of the team, Octa extends its support to DCTV, a unique video publishing platform that lets the fans see the other side of Delhi Capitals.

In 2020, the team launched DCTV with six major sections: DC All Access, DC on the Pitch, Capitals Unplugged, DC Specials, Salaam Dilli, and Fan Cam. The videos in those categories show what usually stays unreported and unacknowledged. This IPL season, Delhi Capitals and Octa present an opportunity to dive into the hidden world with behind the scenes stories, training sessions, sincere conversations with players, fan-focused content, and much more.

However, DCTV is not all about Delhi Capitals. The project goes beyond the coverage of sports life and celebrates the real-life heroes from Delhi who contribute to society every day. As part of the Salaam Dilli section, it tells about people who have dedicated their lives to making the city a healthier, safer, and more accessible place for all.

The four-word formula that Delhi Capitals head coach Ricky Ponting shared in his first speech of this IPL season was: attitude, effort, commitment, and care. We think that it deeply reflects both the team’s and our core values. However, we wouldn’t have known about the formula without the DCTV, which lets the fans join the DC training sessions. The proximity and transparency of this approach resonates with us as a global brand of investment services. Octa is proud to be part of this inspiring project,’ the Octa press office said.

Delhi Capitals shared their take on the collaboration. ‘We are delighted to partner with Octa yet again, after what had been a very successful first year for both of us. With Octa, we get an opportunity to showcase to our fans a lot more than cricket, and it has no doubt contributed immensely in making DC one of the most loved teams of the IPL. I am confident this will be yet another fruitful season for both Team Octa & us,’ said Vinod Bisht, Interim CEO, Delhi Capitals.”

Throughout this IPL season, Delhi Capitals will release hundreds of DCTV videos in collaboration with Octa. The videos will present an exclusive opportunity to get behind the scenes and see the other side of one of the best-performing IPL teams.

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