Kings XI Punjab is rebranded itself as Punjab Kings

Kings XI Punjab is rebranded itself as Punjab Kings

On starting of the IPL season, Kings XI Punjab announces its new brand identity – Punjab Kings along with a new logo that speaks of the spirit of the Indian state of Punjab. The rebranding aims at connecting the team with its global fan base and to stand out in the competition.

The new brand identity is more evolved and is contemporary, extending to highlight the team’s Punjabi roots. It underlines the Indian state’s spirit by infusing its vibrancy and vigor through the logo with a motif of a lion. The logo also resembles the team’s dynamic nature and its distinct edge through its fierce forms. The color of the logo stands for vibrancy.

Commenting on the occasion the promoters’ philosophy of Punjab Kings said, We are much more than a team, but a family which has come together and built a connection with our fans through our relentless hard work. The new brand logo and name are an extension to our undying spirit of fighting against all odds and celebrating the true spirit of Punjab.”

Speaking on the new brand identity Satish Menon, CEO, Punjab Kings said, Punjab Kings is a more evolved brand name, and we understand it was the right time for us to move focus on the core brand itself. The change in brand identity is not about changing our brand ethos but celebrating our oneness as we stand in the unit like a family. The new logo honors the liveliness and vibrancy of the brand and provides modern elements, while we stand out from the rest of the teams.”

The rebranding also includes a simplified and inclusive look in communication, messaging, and branding elements, apart from the logo and name. 

Punjab Kings (previously Kings XI Punjab) is one of the inaugural franchises of the Indian Premier League and is owned by Preity G Zinta, Karan Paul, Mohit Burman, and Ness Wadia.

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