Microsoft CEO hopes Major League Cricket attracts new fans to the game

: "Image of Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO and Seattle Orcas Co-Owner, discussing the potential of Major League Cricket to attract new fans."


Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft and Co-Owner of the Seattle Orcas, expresses his hope for Major League Cricket to attract new fans to the sport in the US.


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Major League Cricket: A New Era for the Sport

In a historic moment for the world of cricket, Major League Cricket (MLC) successfully concluded its inaugural edition with an enthralling finale that showcased the sport’s potential in the United States. Nicholas Pooran’s exceptional century propelled MI New York to victory, captivating the audience at the Grand Prairie Stadium in Dallas. While Satya Nadella, Chairman and CEO of Microsoft and Co-Owner of the Seattle Orcas, may have found himself on the losing side, his optimism regarding the growth of cricket in the US is truly commendable.

Nadella’s belief that “Sport unites people and it breaks down walls” resonates deeply, especially in a country as diverse as the United States. With its rich history and cultural significance, cricket has the potential to bridge gaps and bring communities together. The fact that Nadella, a prominent figure in the tech industry, is actively involved in promoting the sport is indicative of the growing interest and support for cricket in the US.

It is refreshing to see someone of Nadella’s stature actively championing the expansion of cricket. His vision of attracting new fans to the game aligns perfectly with the ambitions of Major League Cricket. By introducing the sport to an audience that may not have been familiar with it before, MLC has laid the foundation for a new era of cricket in the United States. The potential for growth and development is immense, and Nadella’s endorsement further amplifies the prospects.

Nadella’s experience of bowling the opening delivery of the Final showcases his genuine passion for the sport. Despite being a renowned tech executive, he took on the role with enthusiasm and even celebrated the ball spinning and landing on the middle stump. His enthusiasm, combined with his fan dedication to the Indian cricket team, further solidifies his credibility as a cricket aficionado.

Major League Cricket’s successful inaugural edition has set the stage for a vibrant future for cricket in the US. The tournament’s ability to capture the attention and interest of a diverse audience is a testament to its potential. With visionary figures like Satya Nadella leading the way, there is no doubt that cricket will continue to grow in popularity and attract new fans across the nation.

As cricket enthusiasts, we can only be grateful for individuals like Nadella who actively contribute to the promotion and expansion of the sport. Their passion and support propel the sport to new heights, and their optimism inspires others to discover the beauty and excitement that cricket has to offer. Major League Cricket has sparked a true revolution, and it is a pleasure to witness its positive impact on the growth of cricket in the United States.


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The inaugural edition of Major League Cricket came to a blistering end onSunday as Nicholas Pooran’s magnificent century helped MI New York take downSeattle Orcas by seven wickets in the grand finale at Grand Prairie Stadium,Dallas.

Satya Nadella, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft andCo-Owner of the Seattle Orcas, may have been on the wrong side of the resulton the final night of the competition, but he hopes to see MLC attract newcricket fans in the US, “Sport unites people and it breaks down walls. TheUS is the sports market of the world. It’s fantastic to see cricket comehere. I hope we can attract a lot of new fans to the game.”

When asked about his experience of bowling the first delivery of the Final,Nadella said, “I am glad I had the chance to deliver the opening ball. Theball actually spun and it was on the middle stump. I am thrilled about it.”

The Chairman and CEO of Microsoft also spoke about his fandom for cricket,”The first-ever cricket game I watched was a Ranji Trophy match betweenBombay and Hyderabad. I am a big Indian cricket team fan and I am a fan ofwhoever has been helping us win over the years.”

The inaugural edition of Major League Cricket was played between 13-30 July2023.

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