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Mind Matters discusses mental health with the top sports personalities of the country

Madhushree Chakrabarty April 12, 2021

Future Generali India Insurance Company Limited (FGII) has launched a five-part video series – Mind Matters – on YouTube and Facebook. FGII has always been committed to making mental health conversations mainstream. The series will be focusing on the mental health struggles of the leading sportspersons of the country and how they reinforced that mental issues can strike anyone.

The series is hosted by renowned television presenter and actor, Samir Kochhar and the first episode is featuring Sunil Chhetri. Catch the first episode here. In future episodes, the series will be conversing with other top sportspersons of the country including Cheteshwar Pujara, Sania Mirza, Robin Uthappa, and Abhinav Bindra.

The show will be throwing light on the personal struggles of each of the sports celebs and their stories behind the highs and the lows of their career. The basic aim of this show is to aware people about mental health, lead people towards healthy conversations on mental wellbeing and eliminate prevailing taboos in the process. It is ok to not be ok.

Ruchika Varma, CMO, Future Generali India Insurance said, “At Future Generali India Insurance, we are persistently working towards normalizing the conversation around mental health and creating awareness that all of us are susceptible to mental health issues, and it is okay to come forward, discuss, and seek help. In that context, sports celebrities are perfect role models as they bring alive the importance of mental health issues in sports, a profession where one would think that physical health is the most important. Our ‘Mind Matters’ talk show brings to life a never-seen-before side of the sports personas – their challenges, struggles, and triumphs with mental illness. We are sure that their inspiring stories will send a strong message to a larger audience to pay heed to their mental wellbeing and proactively discuss challenges when the need arises.”


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