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Procam International announces Tata Mumbai Marathon on May 30

Madhushree Chakrabarty February 9, 2021

The most prestigious Marathon of Asia, Procam International announces that the Tata Mumbai Marathon (TMM) is to be held on May 30, 2021. The decision behind the taking place of the marathon has been made after the collaborative and deliberate efforts of the civic and state authorities, both Indian and International Athletic bodies.

Procam International will conduct the marathon keeping up with all the government guidelines and protocol. The on-ground events will be held with limited participation in the 10 Km runs, half marathon, and full marathon. A limited number of participants will start to run from their scheduled locations, the participants from India and the world will also be able to run with Tata Mumbai Marathon through the official app of TMM 2021 and choose their preferred location. The promoters of the marathon will be monitoring the situation by keeping in mind the safety of the participants, volunteers, running fraternities and, the officials.

The date has been rescheduled in order to give the required time to the participants for their training and preparation for the 18th Tata Mumbai Marathon. Also, in order to give time to the individual fundraisers, companies, and NGOs for effective outreach to raise funds for their selected cause.

The TATA Mumbai Marathon was first held in the year 1988 and was conducted by Procam International, since then. Procam International has conducted various sporting properties under disciplines such as rugby, volleyball, cricket, football, horseracing, WWE, tennis, squash, and badminton. Today, the TMM is one of the top 10 marathons of the world with a total event value of USD 405,000. The event is divided into six race categories such as Dream Run (6.6 km), Half Marathon (21.097 km), Full Marathon (42.195 km), Champions with Disability category (2.1 km), Open 10K run, and Senior Citizens Race (4.7 km). More than 46,000 people take part in the event that takes place on the streets of Mumbai on the third Sunday of January, every year.


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