Rahul Dravid got mad at Shreyas Iyer for doing this in one match

Rahul Dravid got mad at Shreyas Iyer for doing this in one match

Parents have a big role to play in any success story. This is especially true for cricketers because they start training very young, and success without parents’ complete support is next to impossible. But there are supportive parents, and then there’s Shreyas Iyer’s father — the man who went to every length to ensure that his son got the success he deserved.

Shreyas’ father recalls, “When Shreyas was 4 years old, we played cricket in the house with a plastic ball. Even then, he was middling the ball in the way that convinced me that the boy had real talent. So, we did everything in our power to make sure he can fulfil his potential.”

In fact, when Shreyas’ performance dipped during his U-16 days, his father decided not to give up. He called all his son’s coaches and mentors to figure out what was going wrong. He says, “When one coach told me that your son has talent, but he has lost focus along the way, I got a little worried. I thought he’s either fallen in love or got mixed up in the wrong crowd!”

At a time when mental health awareness was very low, Shreyas’ father decided to do the right thing. Instead of cracking down on his son and giving him a stern talking to, he took Shreyas Iyer to a sports psychologist.

The psychologist spent a lot of time with the budding cricketer. Iyer senior recalls, “Eventually she told me that I was worrying for nothing. Like most other cricketers, Shreyas was simply going through a rough patch. And sure enough, he soon recovered his form and has never looked back.”

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