Red Bull India celebrates association with Rajasthan Royals

Red Bull India celebrates association with Rajasthan Royals

Red Bull India conceptualised and brought a spectacular 3D projection and light show which was held on the night of 3rd April 2021 at the Sawai Mansingh Stadium. The audio-visual showcase was live broadcasted around the world and players of the Rajasthan Royals team in their bio-bubble in Mumbai. from the stadium. Showcasing the reflection of how the franchise’s association with Red Bull is helping them bring out new ideas and move forward at a rapid pace, the celebration showcased everything that the Royals fans hold dear to their heart – the stadium, the city of Jaipur, the Rajasthani culture and landscape.

As the pitch to the stands, everything lit up at the Sawai Mansingh Stadium, the show initiated. After that, a special screen that was set for the live show was brought into the limelight and a video montage of the stadium, city and Rajasthan landscape were interspersed with high-speed action shots of Red Bull vehicles and events. The Royals players themselves were 3D projected on the screen after that as a part of the show. They wore the jersey for the new season, giving fans a first-ever look at the pink and blue jersey they will wear in 2021. While the team plays their matches this season, the show was a true tribute to Rajasthan and the Royals fans who might not be able to roar with support in the stadium but is heard by each of the Rajasthan Royals players whenever there is a boundary or a wicket worthy of eliciting loud cheers. To watch the unique jersey reveal, visit

Creative Factory helped in the execution of this unique jersey reveal. Founder and creative director Vibhore Khandelwal commented“I would like to thank the entire team of Red Bull India for giving us the opportunity to design & execute the Projection Mapping content for the new Jersey Launch of Rajasthan Royals. This event is not just unique in its creative approach but also the time it took to execute. In just 10 days we put together this experience using the latest technology and creative minds of both teams Red Bull India & Creative Factory.”

The Royals have another surprise for their fans in the form of an energetic and cool bus design for the 2021 Season, after an exciting live show to launch their jersey. The Royals revealed their spectacular bus designs to the fans for the first time, as they prepared to play their first match of the season in Mumbai. The design incorporates different elements that represent Rajasthan Royals, sketches of the players who will represent the team this season, and bold strokes and design elements that will reflect the energetic tone the team hope to carry through this season.
Red Bull India got artist Santanu Hazarika on board to design the team bus.  Talking about the style of art employed and the concept of the design, the artist said“Growing up, I was very into video games like Need For Speed and racing games. So most of the elements that I’ve used are inspired by decals and racing stripes. These actually complement the motion of the bus. So I’ve used the players in a sketched out version with a kinetic form of design. So you can see the design, there are like spikes coming out of the rear wheel, like a racing gradient. And that gradient is inspired from the gradient that is on the Rajasthan Royals team jersey for 2021. I wanted people to feel energy when they see the design because it is a sports team with energy. I want people to think it is cool, because it is a very unique combination of colours; pink is one of my favourite colours and one of the most misunderstood colours. So the feeling I wanted to go for was energy and pride, which are synonymous with Red Bull and Rajasthan Royals.” 


Watch BTS Clip including bytes from the artist:



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