Sports Yaari brings the story of Saurashtra player Chetan Sakariya

Sports Yaari brings the story of Chetan Sakariya

Sports Yaari brings another compelling story of this young player who upheld and embarked his way towards IPL 2021 despite innumerable challenges. With just a dream of playing for the Indian Cricket Team and making India proud, this Saurashtra player Chetan Sakariya, and his journey of becoming a professional cricketer who got selected in the Rajasthan Royals is presented by Sports Yaari.

Chetan Sakariya is from a small village, Vartej, that is 10 kilometres from Bhavnagar in Gujarat. The 23yr old had a prolific Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy which paved his way to the IPL deal with Rajasthan Royals.

Chetan’s father wished that he would score a government job, but his love for cricket surpassed that. This son of a former tempo driver got selected by the Rajasthan Royals team for the upcoming IPL tournament, with just his undying passion for the game and hard work and no strains and no financial support and equipment.

Reminiscing his selection experience for this IPL season, Sakariya recalls, I was in the bus with my Saurashtra teammates when the bidding was going on. The pressure was high as a lot of other good players were going unsold. During my bid, the first few seconds were quite nerve-wracking as no one made a call. However, when RCB and Rajasthan Royals started bidding, the energy in the bus went up. My teammates hooted and started celebrating and my coaches congratulated me too,”

Talking about his preparations for IPL 2021, Chetan Sakariya said, “I started honing my skills as a net bowler in RCB last year and bowling for players like Virat Kohli AB De Villiers helped me gain confidence in my bowling. I have been selected in the Rajasthan Royals team because of my bowling variations and my plan is to execute that very well during the tournament.”

During this IPL season, Chetan Sakariya is all set to bowl his best. And for a better future for his family, he dreams of buying a house in Rajkot.

Watch the interview here.

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