Top Level Volleyball to Return to India with the Prime Volleyball League

Top Level Volleyball to Return to India with the Prime Volleyball League

Prime Volleyball League, the best volleyball player in the country is returning after a two-year gap with a host of international stars who are set to star. Thomas Muthoot of the Kochi Blue Spikers, Mr. Pravin Chaudhuri of the Ahmedabad Defenders, and Safeer PT of the Calicut Heroes, the three franchise owners return as founder-franchises of the new league, along with organizers Baseline Ventures.

The Prime Volleyball League has an operating structure that mirrors that of the NBA and other US sporting leagues where team owners are also stakeholders in the holding organization. This ensures a stable financial structure and smoother organization. This offers more value to franchises, both as team owners and investors in the sport and incentivizes long-term associations.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Pravin Chaudhuri expressed his satisfaction about the return of high-level volleyball. “We were happy with the quality of volleyball and the production values of the original event. This new structure gives us the comfort to make long-term investments in the sport as we also have a say in the successful running of the league.”

Thomas Muthoot said, ‘Kerala has always had a great volleyball culture and we are delighted to continue our association with the sport.”

Safeer PT, representing the Calicut Heroes, was happy about the opportunities that would become available for volleyball players, ‘We’ve been in constant touch with volleyball stars from around the country, and for the past couple of years, they have been yearning to get on the courts and showcase their talent. I am delighted that they will have that chance again.”

League CEO Joy Bhattacharjya had this to say, ‘we’ve already seen the quality of Indian and international talent available. What owners and potential sponsors needed was a stable organization, free of interference, that could function optimally and attract investments from franchises and sponsors. With franchises now being equal partners, we are now in a position to offer that stability and efficiency of operation.”

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