Virat Kohli Outshines MS Dhoni in IPL 2023 Social Media Buzz

: Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni in IPL 2023 - A depiction of Virat Kohli's popularity surpassing MS Dhoni's on social media during the tournament.


Interactive Avenues releases a comprehensive report on the social media conversation surrounding IPL 2023, revealing Virat Kohli’s dominance over MS Dhoni in terms of popularity and engagement.


Our Analysis and Commentary

Kohli’s Dominance on Social Media Reflects His Enduring Popularity in IPL 2023

In the world of cricket, few names command the same level of adoration and attention as Virat Kohli. The IPL 2023 season once again showcased his unmatched popularity both on and off the field, with the Indian skipper emerging as the most talked-about player on social media. This fact, as revealed in Interactive Avenues’ “IPL 2023: Unveiling the Roar” report, is a testament to Kohli’s enduring influence and engagement in the world of sports.

The report highlights that Kohli garnered a staggering 7 million social media mentions throughout the tournament, surpassing the likes of MS Dhoni and solidifying his place as a fan favorite. While his team, Royal Challengers Bangalore, may have faced defeat in the final league game, it was Kohli who captured the attention of fans and dominated the social media landscape. What’s even more impressive is that Kohli generated more brand-related chatter than the combined influence of the next 9 players, showcasing the unparalleled impact he has on the digital platform.

But Kohli’s popularity isn’t solely limited to his performance on the field. The report also sheds light on the controversies and moments that further fueled discussions surrounding the Indian cricket icon. From his controversial argument with Gautam Gambhir and Naveen-ul-Haq, which generated a staggering 270,000 mentions and 4 million engagement, to the remembrance of his dismissal due to poor performance against Royal Challengers Bangalore, Kohli was at the center of attention.

However, it’s not just established players like Kohli who captivated the social media sphere. The report also highlights the emergence of young talents who made their mark in IPL 2023. Rinku Singh, with his historic match-winning knock against Gujarat Titans, received the highest number of social media likes, showcasing the excitement fans felt towards the rise of promising players.

Moreover, the report emphasizes the impact of strategic partnerships and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives within the tournament. IPL-based partnerships played a significant role in shaping brand perception on social media, with gaming and media emerging as leading categories. Puma’s ‘Go Green’ campaign with Royal Challengers Bangalore stood out, garnering 67.2K mentions and driving engagement of more than 1 million. This highlights the power of aligning with social causes and resonating with fans on a deeper level.

Overall, Interactive Avenues’ social media listening report provides valuable insights into the dynamics of IPL 2023. It showcases the immense influence of players like Virat Kohli, the emergence of young talents, and the significant role played by partnerships and CSR initiatives. As the digital landscape continues to shape the sports and entertainment industry, the report exemplifies the growing impact of social media and the importance of engaging with fans in new and innovative ways.


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Interactive Avenues releases IPL 2023 Social Media Listening Report

Virat Kohli Trumps MS Dhoni in IPL 2023 Social Chatter

Interactive Avenues, a leading full-service digital agency and the digital arm of IPG Mediabrands India, has launched “IPL 2023: Unveiling the Roar”, an exhaustive social media listening report with unique insights into the digital conversation landscape surrounding the IPL 2023 season. The report, based on extensive data gathered from online platforms, analyzes the social media buzz generated by IPL 2023.

Shantanu Sirohi, COO, Interactive Avenues, said “We are thrilled to present the findings of our report ‘IPL 2023: Unveiling the Roar.’ The social media buzz surrounding the tournament was truly remarkable, with player controversies and emerging talent capturing the hearts and attention of fans. This report offers valuable insights into the power of social media in shaping the narrative of IPL 2023, highlighting the immense popularity of players like Virat Kohli and the impact of strategic partnerships. It is a testament to the ever-growing influence of digital platforms in the world of sports and entertainment.”

IPL 2023 witnessed a host of unforgettable on-field performances, funny moments, and heated controversies that translated into massive social media buzz.

“The ‘IPL 2023: Unveiling the Roar’ report leveraged powerful social media listening tools to gather and analyze extensive data from platforms like Twitter, Reddit, and popular cricket forums. We used advanced analytics to study the social media landscape surrounding IPL 2023, including player controversies, performances, public sentiments, and the impact of emerging talent. This comprehensive report offers valuable insights into the social media dynamics of IPL 2023, providing a deeper understanding of the trends, player influence, and brand engagement within the tournament,” added Shantanu.

Here are some key findings and highlights from the report:

Player Popularity:

  • Virat Kohli emerged as the most popular player, with 7 million social media mentions across IPL 2023. Despite Royal Challengers Bangalore’s defeat by Gujarat Titans in the final league game, Kohli outperformed MS Dhoni on social media, who garnered 6 million mentions.
  • Kohli generated more brand-related chatter than the next 9 players combined, showcasing his significant influence and engagement on social platforms.

Liked and Disliked Moments:

  • Rinku Singh’s historic match-winning knock against Gujarat Titans received the highest number of social media likes.
  • Kohli’s controversial argument with Gautam Gambhir and Naveen-ul-Haq generated the most mentions (270K) and engagement (4 million).
  • Rohit Sharma’s dismissal due to poor performance against Royal Challengers Bangalore drove engagement to the tune of 2 million, making it another highly talked-about moment.

Emerging Players in the Spotlight:

  • Rinku Singh topped the charts among emerging players with 940K mentions, followed by Yashashvi Jaiswal (250K mentions) and Tilak Verma (190K mentions).

Social Media Buzz and Team Mentions:

  • The tournament and franchises sparked a whopping 42 million mentions on social media.
  • Chennai Super Kings topped the roster with 7.6 million mentions, emerging as the most talked-about team.

Impact of Partnerships and CSR Initiatives:

  • IPL-based partnerships played a significant role in driving brand perception on social media.
  • Gaming was the leading category with 120K mentions, followed by Media with 70K mentions.
  • Puma’s ‘Go Green’ campaign in collaboration with Royal Challengers Bangalore garnered 67.2K mentions and drove engagement of more than 1 million.


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