Virender Sehwag and Samir Kochar return on Power Play with Champions

Power Play with Champions season 2 on Flipkart Video

Cricket unites millions of people and is among the most widely followed sport across India. It sparks banter and discussion, and brings out the off field “expert” in all viewers. Cricket has its own joy with friends and predicting outcomes – about player performances, match results, and so forth. Flipkart Video is making the cricket-watching experience more enjoyable and rewarding with yet another exciting season of cricket to look forward to, Power Play with Champions that will begin its second season, starting April 8.

This interactive show will be hosted by the ones who did it earlier, legendary Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag and popular TV presenter Samir Kochar. Viewers can put their cricketing knowledge and predictive skills to the test and stand a chance to win exciting prizes. While discussing the various aspects of the upcoming matches, the expert duo will present their own point of views to try and help the viewers to predict the right answers.

Speaking about the show and the upcoming matches, Virender Sehwag said“I am so thrilled to be back with Flipkart Video for the second edition of Powerplay with Champions. After the year we have all had, this cricket season is something every fan world over is looking forward to. While we can’t enjoy the real deal of watching the match live, this show gives everyone the chance to put their cricketing knowledge to test, predict different aspects of the match and win many prizes. I had a great time working with Samir last year, and I know it’s going to be double the fun this time around. I wish all the teams and players participating all the luck, it’s going to be an amazing season.”

“Cricket is something that has been a part of my life ever since I was a little boy. I couldn’t be happier to be back with Flipkart Video to host another season of Power Play with Champions with the legend and everyone’s favorite – Viru Paaji! After the kind of year we have all had, this year’s tournament is going to be a much awaited one. With new players making their debut and experienced one’s in their best form, it’s going to be a fun season. I can’t wait to take my audience through every match and help them win some amazing prizes while we’re at it. While I will miss being on ground, getting to share the spotlight with swag baba again is something I am definitely looking forward to,” said Samir Kochhar.

Power Play with Champions Season 2 will give Flipkart Video users a chance to watch a new episode on the app and participate in a six-question quiz every day with a chance to win Supercoins. Viewers will be tested on various aspects of the game, the teams, the players, the predicted number of runs and wickets, and so forth. The show will also crown one viewer with an exciting prize and the coveted spot of ‘Champion of the series’ for their winning points on the leaderboard throughout the season. Flipkart app users can access the show by clicking on the Video icon at the bottom right of the app’s homepage.

Have a look at the trailer.

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