“Be bold. Be humble and aim high!”, says Geeta Suthar, Co-founder, COO, CBO, Fractal Ink

Geeta Suthar, Co-founder, COO, Fractal Ink

Defined only by their existence, women in India always have to make their way through different dots of the society. Still, they believe in themselves and walk ahead to master their routes. Despite of all the question marks and frownings, they gradually and neatly take a noisy yet a silent path towards success.

When we talk about success, there are a lot of women around us, who not only have made their way towards success, but also has marked their distinct position across the industries.

So let’s hear out the words from some of the brilliant ladies!

‘A success of women!’ – Is it psychological, social, financial, or an amalgamation of all.

Geeta Suthar, Co-founder, COO, CBO, Fractal Ink contributes her thought on the topic as,

  • How do you define success?

Geeta:  Success is the ability to meet goals while creating enduring value – for people around you and for yourself.

  • What message do you want to convey especially to the young ladies on this Women’s Day?

Geeta: Be bold. Be humble and aim high! Believe in yourself! Don’t give up when things don’t go as planned. There are many routes to a destination. Enjoy the journey and be kind to yourself, always!


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