Brands striking the emotional chord on Mother’s Day

Brands striking the emotional chord on Mother’s Day

A mother is an originator and a nurturer. Her selfless love and care are incomparable to any one thing on earth. Someone rightly said, “God couldn’t be everywhere, so he created mothers.” She is our home, backbone, strength that we find outside, and our constant pillar. Regardless of age, mothers are our regular listeners, our guide to peace and kindness. Though we often fail to express our love towards her, she never stops worrying for us.

Do we need a Mother’s Day to celebrate this fantastic soul? Probably not. If truth be told, we need to find a few hours or maybe minutes to phone her or knock on her room. Serve her a good cup of tea or make a quick breakfast, if not every day, then weekly or maybe once in 15 days. Just talk to her, listen to her. Talking to her or taking time from our busy schedule and spending time with mother is something that I call a Happy Mother’s Day.

Motherhood doesn’t come with a tag like a homemaker mom or working mom. When we call mother, it’s just MOTHER. Her days start with planning and scheduling her routine early in the morning for the entire day, which sums up her child’s feeding, bathing, reading, and many more such as not so little jobs. Though there is some common myth that follows motherhood, such as a working woman mustn’t be taking care of the child; she’s a housewife, must be sleeping all day when the kid is not around, etc. Should we not have tagged this beautiful relationship between a mother and a child, there would be more love, laughter, kindness, and forgiveness in the world.

A few brands successfully seized the essence and emotional chords with their Mother’s Day campaigns this year. Follow the story here:

Tanishq Mother’s Day campaign:

Licious Mother’s Day campaign:

Mylo Mother’s Day campaign:

DS Group Mother’s Day campaign:

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