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Story Behind The Storytellers

MediaInfoline August 21, 2020

Millions of pictures, videos, and theories about many different ideas are available on the internet. And each picture or video imbibes the idea of a Storyteller. As the storyteller begins to string pearls, the magical journey of the story is created. Today, we are willing to step forward and celebrate the storyteller behind the stories. However, we wish to talk to SHE among the storytellers.

Hilary Clinton once quoted; Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world.

Each word of this quote seems so relatable. As she plays a hundred roles every day, she still thrives to bring her own desire, her name. And this is the most celebrated day when a girl speaks of ‘her’. Media Infoline, instead of celebrating these marvelous ‘being’ on just one day, wishes to cheer for every day. This will celebrate you for being ‘YOU’.

We talked with some amazing storytellers, who keenly knit their stories in respective online platforms. Let’s hear the “Story Behind The Storytellers”.

Story behind the storytellers


MI: How it all started? 

Nags: I turned to Instagram to start sharing my recipes and food pictures in a short and social manner. Soon it turned into a place where relationships were built and more life updates were shared and most if this has taken shape organically. I now see Instagram as a place to connect, share more about who I am and what I stand for, and also try and make social changes in my own small way. I also love discussing food, parenting, and lifestyle in general and take inspiration from others on these topics too.

Chinar: My passion for food was always in an ignited mode. While I was pursuing CA, I wanted to follow my passion as well. It is then, when it all started, in the year 2015 to start a blog and Instagram page. The idea was to share my love & knowledge of food with people on social media.

Priyanka: You know I was always fond of talking about wall colors, designs, architecture, and layouts but I never knew that it’s more than just interest for me until I got married and shifted to our rented house and that home turned out to be a blank canvas for me. So while working on my house, my interest kept increasing and I decided to do a diploma in interior design and architecture rather than trying to pursue a full time 9 to 5 engineering job. Being a big advocator of getting actively involved with your child’s growth process, I couldn’t just drift my attention away from my son and so just thought, why not start a YouTube channel, which can be done from home, and I can talk about home decor, organization, interiors and DIY’s and I just started my first video with how to organize Wardrobe for a toddler.

MI: How was the journey? What were the hurdles throughout?

Nags: The Instagram journey started very organically and I don’t put any pressure on myself to do things in a certain way or a certain number of times. I don’t follow any social calendar or content schedule and post when I can and feel like it. Some days and weeks are very busy with my job and other social commitments and the online world will take a backseat. My life outside of Instagram is very full and busy, so this is just one of the avenues of social interaction for me.

Chinar: It was an Extraordinary informative journey. I came across a lot of people and a lot of cuisines. The experience was in itself surreal, but the impediments made the journey corporeal. I did have restraining from my family. And as a food blogger, it is imperative to stay fit as this profession tends to take a toll on your body and some serious health concerns can incur. 

Priyanka: You know the idea of starting this channel came from the fact that I was a mother first. I was always of the opinion that I want a mother and a professional to co-exist in a strong way. Being a YouTuber, I get to spend time with my son while working on ideas for my channel and in this process, I happen to decorate my home as well. I would say it’s a bit exhausting at times, but I feel glad to see my roles being so integrated with each other and don’t see pressing needs to compromise one for the other. And when I get beautiful comments and appreciation for the content, it feels gratifying professionally as well.

Everybody in the family supported me big time, my husband, my Mother, and my Maasi (maternal aunty), and they were my pillars of strength like they are in many other aspects of my life.

I would say it was fancy to begin a YouTube channel, but you run into a lot of struggles. I had little idea about video sound/camera placements, editing, etc. so It was a lot of work in the beginning and then you don’t suddenly start getting a lot of responses. Sometimes your videos work, sometimes they don’t. So being new to this space, you may easily become doubtful about yourself and may even think of giving up. An important point is that when I started, I was one of the very first Indian channels in home decor space. But with time, there were many others coming up, you happen to find stiff competition and so every time you’ve to be ready to come up with ideas that can stand out and create unique interest among viewers.

But as they say, if you love something, you always find a way to keep yourself going.

MI: How do you manage your fans, hates, and love?

Nags: I have received way more respect, kindness, and affection than I deserve. Most people have lovely things to say and I do treasure that. Some days when I feel this is too much or don’t feel like sharing, I look back at the notes on how something I talked about helped someone and that makes me get back “on track”. I have definitely met some oddballs who show pettiness and say things in the name of “venting”.  The human brain is tuned to be more sensitive to negativity so it does affect me, especially if it’s someone I have known in real life but life goes on. I am fairly certain I am seen more positively than otherwise and that’s good enough. It’s impossible to be liked by everyone.

Chinar: While growing as an Instagram influencer, I did get a lot of criticism, experienced some very bemusing comments regarding me and my work. But if all those factors are not taken into a positive consideration, then it becomes really hard to think prudently. And I want to thank all my haters and extend my gratitude to all my fans for never letting me down and always keeping me on my toes. 

Priyanka: When I started, it was obviously a bit immature, to begin with as it is with anything new you want to try out. With public space, one needs to understand the brutality it may bring in in terms of comments that you may get. But a strong head is something which helps you to a great extent. With each and every next time, I just focused on trying to present it in a better way rather than trying to think about what people are saying negatively. You just need to accept good and bad coming to you in this stride, take learning’s from those bad comments, leave the abrasiveness out and focus on all the love and appreciation you get from so many other people.

MI: What keeps you going? Any message to girls and women.

Nags: Everyone’s journey is different. We all have our stories and we need to own them. We are all so different so what we put out there online will be different too. I try to inspire, share, and most importantly, to learn.

Chinar: As being inquisitive, keeps me driving, to keep on exploring and learning about new food/cuisine/culture related to food. Since I have this responsibility of giving my fans a different perspective of food/cuisine that resultantly makes me indefatigable as an influencer and as a responsible person towards my fans.

I want to end it with a note to all the females out there, it doesn’t matter if you are 15 or 50, the love for food knows no bounds. If you have a passion for it, don’t hesitate for a second before pursuing it.

Priyanka: I would strongly say that your passion drives everything. It’s this passion that takes you out of your low’s and helps to remain grateful at your high’s. This passion drives you to figure out ways to do things in better ways, learn different methods that are important for your success.

And you know being a woman is exhausting in its own way. To manage your roles as a mother, daughter and wife is not a trivial job, but with the right people by your side, you would find ways to strike a balance and work wonders for you as a whole. If you love something and are passionate about it, then go for it! You would love the journey!


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