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We are individuals first in our accomplished spaces: Shardah Uniyal, VP- Branding & Communication, Pulp & Fibre Business, Aditya Birla Group

MediaInfoline March 7, 2020

Here we come again, celebrating women! While March 8 marks the International Women’s Day, we wish to celebrate her everyday. She, whether as wife or as mother or even as daughter play a great or rather a very important part in our life. Imagine a world with no women, how dreadful would that be. We sometimes forget to give her due credit. But do you think it brings any difference to her?

Today we want to talk about the mindset. Let’s here out some awesome views from women who broke stereotypes.

How do you overcome the various stereotypes of the industry?

Women face a lot of challenges in the corporate world which is known to be ‘male-dominated’. Various stereotypes like ‘women are backed by men’, ‘female leaders must act like men’, ‘women can’t balance work and family life’, prevail in the society. However, working women of today are breaking these stereotypes by excelling in various fields across the board. Finding the leadership style that’s works best for you and sticking to it makes a lot of difference. Also communicating personal goals and priorities to your company helps in defining boundaries. We are individuals first in our accomplished spaces and then the role of gender comes into play. As far as we do not stereotype ourselves, we are fine. It’s important to at times ignore those who are deterrent to our growth because of their incapability to overcome their narrow-mindedness. Says Shardah Uniyal – Vice President – Branding & Communication, Pulp & Fibre Business, Aditya Birla Group.


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