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: "A close-up of the Mermaid Sundae, a magical treat by Baskin Robbins and BarbieTM The Movie, featuring a vibrant mermaid tail made of ice cream and topped with colorful sprinkles and sparkles."

Baskin Robbins and Barbie Collaborate for Magical Mermaid Sundae

  Baskin Robbins partners with BarbieTM The Movie to create the Mermaid Sundae, a magical treat featuring a whimsical mermaid tail and magical sparkles.   Our...

Alpenliebe Juzt Jelly Baskin Robbin

Alpenliebe Juzt Jelly and Baskin Robbins announce their collaboration

Perfetti Van Melle India is partnering with Baskin Robbins to introduce co-branded “Alpenliebe Juzt Jelly Strawberry Paradise” ice cream in India. As part of this...